The scene is set in a dark pit of a burned out building. Batman and Commissioner Gordon are standing over Bill Gates' body.

Gordon: "He won… Gates' revolutions to the operating system world, everything he fought for… undone. Whatever chance Microsoft hadof fixing itself… Dies with Windows' reputation. Everyone will lose hope."

Batman: "No. They won't. They can never know what Vista did."

Gordon: "Four versions of Windows? Three of them over $200? We can't sweep that under the rug."

Batman: "No. But Vista cannot win… Microsoft needs its true hero."

Gordon: "Y… You? You can't!"

Batman: "Yes I can. You either die in development, or you live long enough to be cut from company support. I can do those things."

Gordon: "You can't! You're not-"

Batman: "I'm whatever computing needs me to be."

Police alarms become louder as they get closer. Batman jumps onto the Batpod and drives off into the night.

Gordon's son: "Why is he running, dad?"

Gordon: "Because we have to chase him."

Gordon's son: "But he didn't do anything wrong…"

Gordon: "No. Because he's a hero. The hero Microsoft deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll flame him in blogs… Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent beta. A watchful future prospect. Windows 7."