With the economy the way it is, you're probably worried you won't have enough money to buy a present for that special someone. That's why you should do something free like write a poem. "But Brian, I'm un-artistic and dumb. How is someone like me supposed to write a poem?" Fear not, idiot. I've already written it for you! You've just got to fill in a few missing words like you would a Mad Libs.

Fantastic and/or Awesome Poem for Girlfriend's Name

Pet name, your eyes are as adjective as a celestial body

Your beauty is like that of name of a Greek Goddess

I often lose myself in your eyes/smile

It's degree of difficulty for me to contain my type of emotion for you

This is usually when I expletive your organ(s) out

When we're together it's like Heaven/Taco Bell

You're the adjective(est) girl I've ever known

Living without you would be like losing my adjective noun

I simply cannot verb without you

I couldn't go on if it meant I couldn't expletive you on my family member('s)

piece of furniture

It feels so adjective on my expletive when you verb it

So stay with me forever, and I'll be sure to expletive you for length of time and

degree of effort

Just thinking about it makes my expletive adjective

Love you


Your Name