You tried to explain it to your girlfriend, but she just doesn't get it. It's too complicated.
There are too many nuances. Too many little aspects and tricks. It's not just entertainment; it's intense and multi-leveled. It's all about the nature of each person as an individual, and as a group. It's about strategy. It's about knowing your enemy, and there are so many little principles and rules governing the action of things, that there's no way you could even begin to explain it to her puny little mind.

Sure, football can be complicated, but if she still doesn't understand Lost at this point, get rid of her!

Here's what went down this week, in an empty can of Dharma beer:

Sawyer, Locke, Juliet, Faraday and Miles are with Charlotte, post-seizure. She eventually seems to be okay, and they go through a series of time shifts as they make their way to the Orchid. In the time shifts, Sawyer sees Kate delivering Claire's baby (awwww!), they steal a canoe from some Indian people and get shot at, and they weather a storm and find wreckage from Rousseau's crew. Juliet and Miles start to have the nosebleeds. Meanwhile, young Rousseau and her people find Jin floating in the water. Back on Earth, Kate tries to figure out who wants to take Aaron from her. Sayid gets attacked again but he escapes. Jack convinces him to go to the docks with Ben. Then he brings Kate there. She's not happy to see Ben. And it looks like Sun is about to murder him.
Here's what we learn:

   1. Sawyer finally breaks free from that stubborn "It don't matter now anyway" mentality and opens up to Juliet a little bit about how he felt when he saw Kate. It was enough romance to make me want to run a bubble bath and light some candles tonight. (That means masturbate, boys.)
   2. Claire's mom is not looking for Aaron; she doesn't even know that he exists! Ben was the mysterious client the whole time. Was he just doing it to lure Kate back?
   3. We learn why Kate decided to lie about Aaron being hers. She just didn't want to lose ANYONE else close to her, OKAY?!?
   4. Sayid is even badass when he's coming out of two days of being unconscious. Also, NEVER trust male nurses.
   5. It is hinted that Miles may have been on the island before. WHAT? This is bonkers!
   6. Sun is full-on working for Widmore, trying to kill Ben.
   7. Girls don't like chocolate for Valentine's Day. Unless there's a gun in that box, too.
   8. Of all the plot holes, twists and turns, and suspensions of disbelief in this series, here is the one I have the most difficult time wrapping my head around: There is no way you could make it from downtown LA to a marina in Long Beach that quickly. Have you SEEN the traffic in LA??
   9. Locke really wants to get everyone back so that the island can be saved. He's convincing Sawyer too, by capitalizing on his Kate crush. Locke is not sure what Ben did at the Orchid station, but he wants to figure it out.
  10. How awesome would it have been if when they discovered the deserted camp, the word "Croatoan" was carved on a tree? Anyone?
  11. Why was Kate so hesitant to tell Jack that someone was trying to take Aaron? C'mon girl! You need all the help you can get!
  12. Hurley is going to get off of the murder charges.
  13. Jin is alive. And, even crazier…he was in the radius of time travel! So, he has been time shifting along with the rest of our friends.
  14. Refresh my memory. There was a Kate/Jack kiss in the preview. When did that happen in this episode? Am I forgetting it?
  15. If you're bored, check out Penny's IMDB pics. Va-va-voom!
  16. "I needed that pain to get where I am now." WORDS TO LIVE BY FROM JOHN LOCKE.