It's been an entire week since your last confession and there's been a lot of good, solid sinning going on across the country. Check out the top 5 and don't forget to submit your misdeeds here.

I lived with some guys who were real a**holes and thought they could do whatever they wanted. One of the kids was 'pre med' and after he and his friends tried to fight my best friend and slashed my tires I contacted the administration at EVERY MED SCHOOL he applied at. I told them that he lied about most of his resume and what a terrible person he was, and they just assumed I was a Miami administrator. Needless to say, despite his 3.6 and 90th percentile MCAT score, every single school rescinded their acceptance letter. He now lives with his parents and is unemployed. I win.
Michael W, Miami Univ (Ohio)

Katie – remember that time freshman year you really liked that guy and you finally built up the nerve to sneak him into the room? It was that night I stayed in because I wasn't feeling like going out. You came in hammered with this guy (who was a real babe). The next day you woke up and he was gone and you were wondering what happened because he had vamped without a morning kiss? Well, I guess I should tell you that after you passed out your man decided you weren't good enough so he climbed in bed with me. After two rounds, I politely said thank you and told him not to ever bother calling you or me again. Next time, try not to wake me up.
Helen D, University of Arkansas

Hey Ryan. Remember all those times you brought those fat girls back to our room and you woke me up and forced me to leave even though I had practice at 6:00 AM. And remember how every single time that happened the fire alarm went off. Yeah next time you bring those cows back to room and wake me up, you know who to thank when the alarm goes off!
Phil A, University of Georgia

You were SUCH a bitch, eating my food all the time and playing your shitty music way too loud that I needed revenge. Get this ya slut, I threw your mail out, and remember that sweet housewarming party we had where the liquor just dominated our insides the next morning (and the toilet). Well, your toothbrush was totally in on the party. Grow the fuck up. Oh, and by the way, the cat DIDN'T eat your weed and puke it up on your bed. She just happened to puke on your bed the same day I happened to smoke your shit. Cheers bitch!
Amanda D, CBU

You leave a buildup of morning mouth crust on my hand towel which I normally use to dry my hands and face. No matter how many times I ask you to use a tissue or just plain water, crusty mouth scum continues to build up. It's gross. But not as gross as me now using that side of the towel to wipe the gold bond from my hand that I use on my nuts when they are extra gamey and I don't feel like showering.
David K., Montana State

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