In College:
Alright bro, before you go, you've gotta meet my boy Brett. Dude, this kid is so much fun to party with. He's down to drink seriously whenever. It's pretty well known here at State that if you ever want to get fucked up, you just give Brett a call any time of day, and he'll drop what he's doing to go party with you. Oh man, it was great, there was this one time when we were all in the library at like 9 in the morning doing some last minute cramming for our history final, and all of a sudden Brett stumbles in absolutely hammered and demands to know what we're doing here and why we aren't drinking with him. And the whole time he's talking, he's just standing there pissing in one of the flower pots! It was hilarious! He told us later he had woken up around 7 and couldn't get back to sleep, so he just started pounding shots. He just does crazy shit like that all the time, man. He wound up sleeping through our final that day, but I don't even think he knew we had it. Honestly though, if I were him I wouldn't be worried. This kid is so much fun he's definitely got a future as a bartender or a club owner no matter what.

After College:
Ok counselor, before you leave, I really think you need to talk to my coworker Brett. He's becoming extremely difficult and unpleasant to work with. It's pretty well known around the office that if you get assigned to do a project with Brett, you're going to be doing more than your fair share of the work since he's always so willing and eager to drop whatever he's doing and go drink. For instance, last Thursday we all scheduled a 10:00 meeting to put together a PowerPoint presentation on how to increase European sales. Brett didn't even show up until 10:45, and he was already so drunk that he just started yelling at us for not being clear enough on when the meeting started. Then to top it all off, he started urinating in one of the flower pots! It was highly inappropriate. He tried to tell us later he had just been out late the night before celebrating a friend's birthday, but I'm pretty sure his drinking has alienated most of his friends at this point, so we figured he just woke up and started drinking like he usually does. He does aggravating things like that all the time. I'm sure he didn't even know we had a meeting that day. Honestly, if he doesn't get some help soon I'd be pretty worried. His drinking is making him so abrasive and unreliable he's not going to have a future here much longer.