I'm really bad at remembering names. So when I was introduced to one of the bosses on the first day of my internship, I was so overtaken by his hotness that I forgot his name immediately. Since I didn't have enough balls to ask anyone in the office what it was, I took to ignoring him.

I was filing old bills last Friday, when hot boss walked up behind me. When he lingered for a moment, I thought, maybe this was my chance to make some silent, sexy eye contact. So I turned around just in time to see him give me this sort of half cough, half cackle, full on douche bag grin. "Bet you're glad you went to four years of college for this," he said.

No, I wasn't glad. "I'm in debt from college, I got laid off from my job and now I'm getting unemployment and working here! "

"Sounds like you need to start a drinking habit."

"Yeah, and you should be buying."

"Wait right here." He said and walked into his office. I gasped for air. I had only been working there for three days – we weren't going out on a date now, were we? His name was Jacob or Joseph, or Jojobean or something.

But when hot boss came back over, he was not in his coat so we could leave the office. He was carrying an egg crate's worth of manila files. "You've got some filing talent, kid. They're from 2006, and I never want to see them again, OK, uh, what's your name?"

I told him as he handed me the twenty-pound crate. He must have heard my hurt tone because he said, "I knew you thought I was asking you out. Aww. I don't date interns." And there was that douche bag grin again.

When I opened the first folder, it was to see if his name was printed on a file somewhere, so I could send him asbestos filled letters. And there it was: Robert. Robert's Petty Cash File, 2006.

I had been totally off about his name. But I wasn't the only one who was off about something. Inside Robert's petty cash folder was petty cash : cold, hard twenties and tens, from 2006. That money could have been used in 2007 or even 2008! There was no reason for it not to be used in 2009.

I casually turned to see if anyone was watching. It was a good thing I had gone to four years of college. I would do an especially good job of following Robert's assholic direction. He would never see that money again.