Ethan: How's your bracket looking? I've learned my lesson about picking upsets. From now on, I'm downgrading March Madness to March Slight Annoyance.

Amir: This just means the selection committee members are getting better at their job. You think they have tourney pools and just pick no upsets?

Ethan: Really, the only way to win that pool is to guess the number of points in the final game exactly on the nose. Has Eric Devendorf become your least-favorite college player yet? He's getting into the JJ Redick zone for me.

Amir: I love villains, so he's actually becoming my FAVORITE player. I want a poster of him yelling on the scorers table before his last second shot against U-Conn was overturned.

Ethan: I want for him to play an entire game one-handed while using the other to pop the front of his jersey. After seeing the first weekend of action, who do you like to win the title now?

Amir: Obviously a #1 seed, as there will be no upsets. Isn't Louisville the number one overall? I guess them.

Ethan: It doesn't bother you that Louisville struggled against Siena a little bit? UConn's looked nasty, but do you think they'll be distracted by these rumors of NCAA recruiting violations. Quick, Calhoun, get one of the players to steal you a laptop so you can read the news!

Amir: I like that near