Facebook has added a new feature that many people may not be using to its full potential:  Friend Lists.  This is a way to organize your friends into groups so as to provide a much more concise and useful News Feed.  Here is a helpful guide to using this feature to its fullest.

1.  Real Friends – This list is made up of people you actually know and genuinely care about what's going on in their lives.  In reality you'll probably only have like 2, maybe 3 people tops in this list.  But if you're going to go through all this trouble to add them to a list and Facebook-stalk them, why don't you just call them up and ask how they're doing?? Gawd you're such a jerk.

2.  Bro's – Everyone needs a go to directory of some gnarly dudes who are always amped to go out and pound some brews and slay some hoodrats.  It's convenient too because each one will have their status updated to describe exactly what they are up to tonight and their best estimate on the exact number of hoodrats they plan on slaying (if the number is less than 1,000, don't bother hanging out with them).

3.  Ho's – This list is designed for quick reference in times of desperation.  It will give you the low-down on what all the skankiest bitches are up to and will prove useful in getting you laid tonight!  This list may not have the hottest girls on campus (in fact I'm fairly certain it won't) but it will have the girls that will come over at the drop of a text for some squeezin' and pleasin'.

4.  Dweebs – Oh snap, that term paper is due tomorrow?  Dude it's time to put down the beer (or don't) and hit up some legit nerds using this list and get some last minute "tutoring" so you don't fail Psych 110 for the fourth time.

5.  Boner Jams – This list is what Sunday nights were made for.  Put all the hottest girls you can find (you don't even have to know them) on this list and wait for them to post all their slutty pics from the weekend.  It's just like Internet Porn but it's free! (Oh… you mean you can find porn on the Internet you don't have to pay for?  I should probably go cancel some credit cards.)

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