1.  Stereotypes at an Event: Panders to allegedly universal experiences of college students.  Refrences sufficiently vague characters that delight simple-minded readers because hey, we can identify with that.  Expect numerous allusions to alcohol, acoustic guitars, and girls doing something stupid.  Maybe some weed too, for the hippies.

2. Translation Juxtaposition:  If you're like me, you've often found yourself thinking, "I'm sure there is no literary device for connecting two seemingly unrelated topics in a concise and practical manner."  Think again – translation juxtaposition articles combine the hilarity of academia with the subtle insights of boobs! 

3. Someone Is Majoring in Graphic Design:  More of an excuse to display sick PhotoShopping skills than anything else.  If there is a recipe for comedy, it's that Google screenshot + fake search results + bright colors = OUTRAGEOUS!!!

4. Conversation:  Plato may have given us the dialectic method of argumentation, but only CollegeHumor can provide the blow-by-blow dialogue of inanimate objects such as office supplies, breakfast cereals, and genitalia.  Is funny because the things no really talk!

5. List of Things:  The fallback option of writers who lack the time/material/energy/talent to write a non-abbreviated article.  Lists combine peoples' natural love of numbers with their tendency to make snap judgments based on incomplete information.  Also, it's like every sentence is a punchline!