Alright Guys,

   So this past summer I was in Providence, RI for a camp. During these few weeks I met two guys. Thier names were Noah and Gabriel. Let me describe them to you now. Noah is a Jersey guy. He was about 5'10 and had brown hair. He played lacrosse and was generally an outgoing guy. Gabriel was from Oakland. He had a rich background. Father went to Stanford- Brother attended Yale. Gabe a.k.a  "The Kid Wonder" was probably the wittiest guy I have ever met. He had a damn-good response for eveything. We practically became brothers over the duration of the camp. 
   One day, bored out of our minds, we decided that we would take a trip to the mall to satisfy our hunger needs. The mall in Providence had a variety of stores that we could choose from. I suggested getting Subway. Noah and Gabe were not open to the idea. Noah had no preference so Gabe was the one who chose. Taco Bell. (For Later Reference- Taco Bell does not make a good mix with vitamin water or anything healthy) Gabe had a quesdilla and I went with nachos and burritos, much to my regret. Easily, the worst decision of my life. Let me break it down

3.35 p.m: I finish my last burrito

3:40 p.m: My stomach begins to feel upset

3:41 p.m: My stomach stops growling so I try to forget about the situation

3:55 p.m: We walk into a J.Crew store. We discuss buying new clothes and such.

4:05p.m: I begin to feel the second stage of the taco bell attack. I can feel something very bad coming on.

4:06 p.m: I tell Noah and Gabe that I'm going to look at some pants but I actually run towards the bathroom. Unfortunately, I have trouble finding the bathroom. I run frantically in search of it.

4:09 p.m: With a red face I run up to the manager and ask him where the bathroom is

4:15 p.m: After many minutes, I finally find the place and sit down. I release

4:20 p.m: I get up and see that I have just dueced in a sink. How did that happen?

4:25 p.m: I realize that the manager has seen my face and I was probably the only buffoon that day who asked where the bathroom was

4:26 p.m: I make a split-second decision to just bolt out the store. I could imagine the look on the face of the next person who sees that

4:35 p.m: I can see from outside the store (hiding behind the elevator so the manager doesn't see me while I wait for my friends) that the Manager has pulled over both Gabe and Noah. I later find out that the Manager just pulled them over to ask how the store was operating.

4:40 p.m: Gabe tells me that he went into the bathroom and saw it. Noah did not and he does not dare to take the chance of going back. We all laugh at the situation.

4:41 p.m: I feel the third-stage of the Taco bell attack….I look for a store

I feel like this occurence brought us much closer in spirit. I enjoyed every last minute with these guys. And remember, Vini Vidi Vici

P.S Noah and Gabe are real people
However, this story has been exagerated fro humor