The meeting that launched a million bad jokes…


Priest: Yeah…

Rabbi: This is a little bit awkward.

Priest: You think so? Oh, thank God. I thought it was just me.

Rabbi: That's a test. Jews can't be uncomfortable.

Priest: That's…nice?

Rabbi: I was joking.

Priest: Oh, ha! I wasn't sure if I should laugh or be solemn or…

Rabbi: What are we supposed to be talking about?

Priest: I was kind of hoping that you an agenda or rubric or something that I could copy.

Rabbi: Me, too.

Priest: Well, shit. This is going to make tomorrow's homily a little difficult. A homily is when—

Rabbi: I know what a homily is.

Priest: Sorry. I wasn't sure how much you know about our church, other than the Jesus
dealio. I mean, all I know about you guys is your whole castration thing.

Rabbi: Circumcision.

Priest: Is that not the same thing?

Rabbi: It's in the Bible.

Priest: Is it in the Old Testament? Because I'm a little rusty on the Old Testament. I'm kinda more of a New Testament guy. You know, because of Jesus. He's so cool. Remember when he performed that miracle at—oh, right. Sorry. No Jesus or New Testament for you. I always forget that. But hey, since you don't use the New Testament, do you just call the Old Testament…Testament? Maybe I shouldn't have asked that. Hey! How about that time when Moses saw that burning bush and—

Rabbi: You want to go to a bar?

Priest: Hell yeah.