The following takes place between 6:00 AM and 2:10 PM

6:00:Wake up

6:05:Groan, decided to spend a few more minutes in bed. Can't hurt can it?

7:00:Wake up, realize what time it is. Swear…loudly

7:05:Put on some sort of clothes, doesn't matter what, you're Late!

7:10:Shove food into mouth, repress gag reflex, shove food, repress, repeat

7:20:Rush out of door, wait in car for 5 more minutes while mom puts on coat. Sweat.

7:30:Arrival, rush in, realize you're not late. Walk to class before anyone can realize you just ran into school. Go to locker, get supplies.

7:40:Homeroom: Listen to announcements that 99% of the time do not remotely affect or change your life

7:41:Miss the 1% announcement that will affect and change your life. Zone out instead, think about sports,¶ideo games, etc..

8:00:Period one: Probably math knowing your luck. Spend 20 minutes going over homework problems because one kid in class added wrong.

8:20:Finally new material! Learn one new thing, spend another 20 minutes doing practice problems on your newfound skill.

8:40:5-4-3-2-1-YES!!!!!, wait, that was only first period?

8:45-8:50:Socialize…….just kidding, walk robotically to second period.

8:50:Second period: Chemistry: Miss everything that the Teacher says and will ever say.

9:45:Third Period: Language: nod°olitely¡s teacher talks in different language, circle random answers in workbook. Write random nonsense in language (they never check it anyway). …nd with an affirmative oui/si/ya at the end.

10:30:Gym: Play badminton. It would be fun but your partner is the sweaty, smelly kid who really likes highfives and ass slaps. Also play against the biggest ass in school; he is a total moron, but he's good at badminton so he's automatically higher than you in the social order.

11:15:Lunch: Huddle with social group around small circular table, star suspiciously at other social groups. Also food! Talk about family guy and controversy in school, anything but your own life.

11:30:Elective: These are actually pretty fun.

12:15:History: Interesting subject butµnfortunately³pend way too much time analyzing motives behind events. Also teacher is too into the subject and screams a lot. Spend most of time acting invisible to avoid eardrum bursting.

1:05:Pop quiz, it won't affect your future life at all. In all¡ctuality¹ou're going to forget about it´omorrow. But you are still going to freak out about it.

1:15:English: Unless you have one of those really cool teachers you have one of the really creepy teachers. Spend entire time the most uncomfortable you have ever been. Also lots of analyzing, but none of the interesting facts!

2:10: FREEDOM!!!!! Again just kidding, see you´omorrow.