1. Watching the screen saver display on Windows; just seeing that little box hit the corner just once makes the half-hour you spent worth every minute.
  2. Farts; no matter who you are, you will laugh when you hear a fart in a quiet room.
  3. Going back to sleep after waking up early for a class that has been canceled; the deepest, most satisfying sleep you will ever have.
  4. Drum Sets; everyone likes to make noise
  5. Journey; just hearing them seems to make everyone happy, and want to do really terribleĀ«araoke
  6. Ultraviolet Lights; just one of these bad boys will get a party going, for about four minutes…….they're really cool, ok?
  7. Party videogames; includes Super smash Bros., Mario Kart, Wii Sports, and Rock Band. You can't resist
  8. Ipod touches; I do not envy the man who brings his Ipod touch into a room full of bored friends.
  9. Viral Videos; a great way to spend hours of your precious time and not even care.
  10. Your momma jokes; like farts, everyone does them and will laugh when they hear them. š
More to come……