Dear Physics,

I know this may seem odd, that I'm addressing you in the form of a letter. °t's not the way we normally communicate, but the things I have to say are just too hard to say in person. ¼/div>

It's been a long road that we've been down together. -e spent our high school years side by side, than both kind of drifted apart in£ollege only to reconnect this semester, which, don't get me wrong, was great!¼/div>

This whole thing was like some romantic movie at first; all that time apart only to reunite. You were still similar to how you were back then, yet­ore mature. ?ot that you weren't mature in high school or anything…but it was great to see how you act more advanced now. „¢ou opened my mind to so many aspects of life I never thought of, like why water stays in a straw when you keep your thump on the top end…or why 5lb weights fall at the same speed as 100 lb weights.

We had some great times together. °'ll always£herish´he memories of how we got coffee almost every day and were able to just chat about«inematics,£ircular motion, and everything in between.¼/div>

But then it started changing. -e can't hide the fact that it's not the same as it was earlier this semester; we both know it. Those great times just chatting turned into seemingly never-ending bickering. -e still spent time together, but neither of us really wanted to be there; at least I didn't. It was only a matter of time until one of us shined the light on the subject.

I mean things were so easy back in February! -hat happened? or example, our class average was a 67.7 on the last exam and you said you weren't going to curve it? -hat's up with that? „¢ou would have never said something like that when we first started seeing¥ach other! nd you're questions just got harder and harder for me to answer. „¢ou don't know this, but I joined a Facebook support group just to talk about the problems we had! ° couldn't deal with it alone! nd that's°art of the big problem.

Before you get the impression that I am just going to drop you and forget everything we've done this year, let me say I'm not. -hen I signed up, I made a commitment. „¢ou already set a date for our next exam, and I'm not going to back-out of our agreement; I don't go back on my word. ?owever, I want you to know that exam will be my final exam. ° know we talked about getting a little more advanced next semester, but I just can't go there at this point in my life. ° know it sounds mean, but I don't need´o go there.

I'm sorry that I had to tell you like this. žon't hate me.


p.s. ?an I have that $120 I gave you for that book back? "he lecture notes¢asically£overed everything I needed to know, so it was pretty©rrelevant.š