Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace,""SpaceBook,"or "The World Wide Web?"

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My dad will put together photo albums of me on his Facebook by taking all the Photos of me from my profile, saving them to his computer, reposting them into a new album, then retagging me in each of them. He has done this with about two hundred pictures. I've had to untag myself in each one.
Lucas Pattan, NYU

As a joke I changed the language on my dad's cell phone to Spanish. Later that day I heard him yelling over our home phone at Verizon customer support saying their security was terrible and that Mexicans had hacked into his phone.
Peter B., Cornell

My professor, a doctor of mathematics, accidentally turned on the projectors while looking for the light switch. After five minutes of trying to turn them back off, he gave up and spent an hour writing three dimensional partial derivatives on top of a screen saver.
A K, University of Texas

I was visiting home riding with my parents to eat when suddenly my dad tried to turn and go out by the train tracks in our town. I asked what he was doing and he said, "Your mom needs to know the tonnage of a full coal car so she can tell her class." I asked why he didn't just Google it instead of driving around waiting for coal cars to pass and he asked "Do you think they would have that on there?"
Brett H, University of Nebraska – Omaha

My grandparents' tv (encased in a 70's wooden console), finally broke. My grandmother made my cousin take her to an appliance shop to ask the man if they had any new high definition console TVs. They refuse to throw the old one out because they feel that they will eventually find one to fit inside the cabinet.
Christina B.

My dad thinks that he can only check an e-mail account on the computer he made it on. Therefore, he checks his work e-mail in his office and his personal e-mail on our house computer. It wouldn't be that bad, but he works at home and those two computers are about 20 feet apart….
David G, KU

My mum just got back from a church meeting and told me that the woman who takes the minutes although she has email, instead chooses to pass each set of minutes onto the minister by burning them to a disk to give him. While this is ridiculous in itself, apparently this week the file wouldn't save properly or something, so, she took her entire desktop computer with her to the church in a plastic carrier bag.
Allison Coleman, University of Gasgow, Scotland

Whenever my mom sees something online that she thinks is cool, she wants to share it on Facebook using the "share on Facebook" link most sites have now. She doesn't have Facebook, so every time she does this and can't sign into Facebook she thinks there's something wrong with her internet and calls her internet provider to come "fix the wiring."
Maura B

Today my dad backed up his computer on 18 CD-R discs.
T.J. Goldsmith, Western Michigan University

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