Hello devoted readers! It has been a lovely week, hasn't it? Taxes were due, it probably rained a little bit regardless of where you live, but most importantly, Jamie Foxx gave Miley Cyrus a verbal smackdown that made everyone (probably his 16 year-old daughter in particular) feel a little bit awkward, but he mostly made them go, "Man, she does have enormous gums!" I don't know what T.S. Eliot was talking about. April is awesome! (NinjaDude)

"News" broke this week that Mel Gibson is getting divorced from his wife. Rumor his it that this chick is the reason. Why would that want to date this, you ask? I'm pretty sure it's all just a matter of a simple mix-up at the post office. Her subscription to People magazine is on a 24 year delay and so she's a little confused about who's the sexiest man alive and who's a racist drunk who is about to lose out on $450,000,000. God, the post office is just, grr, am I right? (WWTDD)

Mel, if you you're looking for a little advice about calamitous divorce you should definitely ask Hulk Hogan. He's got everything in order. He's still at the top of his game, his children are well-adjusted individuals, and he still finds time to say what we're all too afraid to say: OJ Simpson was totally right. I mean, thank you! Nobody speaks the truth anymore, but Hulk knows what's up. Sometimes you've just got to cut a bitch. Obvi. (WWTDD)

You know who else totally has it together? Sinbad. He owes over $2,500,000 in back taxes. You've got to be pretty god damn successful to owe that much money. Who was it that said "you've got to make a lot to owe a lot?" Was it Goo from "My Brother and Me?" I'm like 6% sure that that's right, and that's enough, right Sinbad? (CelebSlam)

In other freaky dude news that you definitely care about, Matthew McConaughey had some really weird stuff to say about vaginas. I know what you're thinking, "Everything people say about vaginas in a public forum is weird." And to that I say, "Good point." (WWTDD)

Ok, now for stuff with boobs:

Gisele Bundchen did a hot photoshoot for Vanity Fair. Alessandro Ambrosio did a hot photoshoot for Vogue. Evan Rachel Wood did a hot photoshoot for GQ. Jennifer Love Hewitt did a hot photoshoot for Maxim. (You read that correctly.) Eliza Dushku did a hot photoshoot for some other magazine that you don't need to buy. Kendra Wilkinson did a hot something for something. And, not going to lie, I have no idea who this is, but she's hot and she's eating ice cream. (NinjaDude, Egotastic, DerekHail, CelebSlam)

So there you have it. Happy spring everyone! Especially this week's Still Got It. Enjoy prison you handsome bastard! (CelebSlam)