Well it is all over, folks. The ride is complete. You may unfasten your seatbelts, secure your belongings, and safely exit stage left. We started out this amazing journey with 64 of the hottest college girls in America. In the most unbelievable finish in AHCG history, the final matchup on Friday ended too close to call. Kristy and Laurel both ended with exactly 9,739 votes! This feat will never, ever be duplicated. But who was named CollegeHumor's Hottest College Girl in America of 2009? I'm here to summarize the highlights of the competition and to reveal the winner. "L.G.S."

North Region: From the beginning, Keely was the darling of this region. She rolled to trouble-free victories all the way to the Final Four. She developed an enormous fan base using her undeniable charm and exquisite beauty. Keely defeated several strong challengers; including, Rockstar Lisa and Cutie Kathleen. Lisa had very strong showings in the first two rounds; but, unfortunately for her, she ran into the unstoppable force that was Keely. Kathleen was attempting to become the second straight winner from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Along the way, she quickly became one of my personal favorites as she underwent an amazing transformation right before our eyes. She may have started the contest as "Cutie Kathleen" but due to overwhelming support she became known to us all as "Hottie Kathleen." And believe me, both names are fitting.

South Region: Kristy proved that it isn't how you start, but how you finish. And boy, did she finish strong. She came into the competition without any pomp and circumstance and left with a remarkable victory. She steadily grew support as the competition moved forward. Last year, Penn State had two students in the Final Four and Kristy proved that was not a fluke. This Big Ten Beauty lived up to the moniker by defeating Keely in the Final Four. This was an extraordinary finish and I still can't believe what transpired. After the tie vote, CollegeHumor had to make the final decision. Kristy may have ended up with a runner-up finish, but she should not be ashamed, because she is simply breathtaking. My favorite in this region was Adrian. She was the most adorable and genuine girl in the competition. I absolutely loved her.

West Region: This region contained some of the most beautiful girls in the competition, but it also had its share of controversy. Courtney, Kailee, and Alexis used their modeling portfolio from the Tempe12 calendar to try to win the competition. Courtney advanced to the Final Four based on her legendary beauty; but in the end, she was done in by the "curse of the modeling portfolio." Alisa had the most dominating performance of the first three rounds was a 232% to 68% advantage. She stood as a legit threat to come out of the region before falling to Courtney. However, please don't forget about the other Arizona State representative in this region. Jennifer was one of the most gorgeous girls in the tournament but had to face difficult competition in both Alexis and Courtney. She won over a lot of hearts but sadly fell a little bit short in her quest.

East Region: Delaware was proven that it has a hidden treasure chest of beauty like no other. Who would have thought that such a little state could contain that much beauty? The 2007 Champion was also from the University of Delaware, when Amber S. defeated Megan, another University of Delaware student. Laurel kept up the rich tradition of UD and took home the prestigious title of America's Hottest College Girl and the $5,000 prize. There were two other spectacular girls in this region that didn't receive the attention they deserved. Lauren W. and Alex S. were real, down-to-earth, cute college girls who were surprisingly defeated in the first round. And finally, I'm going to award another unrelated prize here. I'm personally awarding Laura with the Most Beautiful Eyes in the competition award. Absolutely stunning.

To the editorial staff: You may have the greatest job in the world; but I did not envy the task of choosing a winner after that incredibly close vote.

To the contestants: Congratulations for representing yourself and your universities with such class and beauty.

To the commenters: Thanks to those who supported the girls throughout the competition. And to those of you who took creepiness to the highest level: It's time to grow up.

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This article is in no way representative of the views or opinions of CH staff. This has been an exciting month and I can't wait for next year.