Alright class, most of you know our final exam's just around the corner. If you've got any questions regarding the course material, feel free to ask now we can discuss it for 5 minutes or you can send me an e-mail before 5:00, as I've only got a 56K dial-up at home and a limited AOL subscription.

(75 minutes left in class)

Lulu Chang: How many questions will there be?
Professor: It'll be 50 multiple choice questions.
Craig: True/False multiple choice?
Professor: No. It'll be normal multiple choice.
Lulu Chang: So it'll be a, b, c, and d right?
Craig: Yeah, there better not be an e option. That wouldn't be cool.
Professor: I'm not about "being cool". If I wanted to "be cool" I would've done the Peace Corp after college instead of going to graudate school.
Lulu Chang: So there is an e option?
Professor: Yes, there will be.
Craig: God damnit!

(71 minutes left in class)
Craig: What's the test on?
Professor: Everything from after last test.
Craig: So it's not cum-yew-la-tive?
Professor: I think the word you're thinking of is cumulative. It's got a "Q" sound. And no, no it's not.
Craig: I know what I said.

(65 minutes left in class)
Lulu Chang: What percent of the material on the exam would you say is from the textbook? Immediate follow up question: what percent of the material on the exam would you say is from lectures?
Professor: Um, I'm not entirely sure.
Lulu Chang: Could you venture to guess? I'd accept a guesstimation. Anything really.
Professor: 70/30 maybe?
Lulu Chang: Maybe or definitely?
Professor: Maybe.

(59 minutes left in class)
Craig: Is the e choice an "all/none of the above" or an actual option.
Professor: It will be an all/none of the above choice.
Craig: That's FUCKED UP!

(51 minutes left in class)
Craig: Can we use a pen?
Professor: No, it'll be a scantron. You can only use Number 2 pencils.
Craig: Do we have to bring number 2 pencils or will they be supplied?
Professor: I'll have a couple pencils, but I'd expect most students at the undergraduate level to be prepared and responsible enough to bring a pencil.
Craig: But you'll have pencils?
Professor: Yes.
Craig: The small ones our actual full pencils?
Professor: The small ones.
Craig: Erasers?
Professor: No.
Professor: You should bring a pencil.

(43 minutes left in class)
Professor: Anything I said in class could potentially be on the exam.
Lulu Chang: What about when you went off on that tangent about having to take care of your Aunt one weekend every month and how annoying it is because she lives 2 hours away.
Professor: Probably not on it.
Lulu Chang: Probably or definitely?
Professor: Definitely.

(25 minutes left in class)
Craig: Will there be different versions of the test?
Professor: Why would you need to know that?
Craig: Just curious.

(11 minutes left in class)
Lulu Chang: Is there any possibility that you could post the PowerPoint slides?
Professor: I won't be posting the slides, but your notes should suffice.
Craig: What if we don't take notes?
Professor: Then study the textbook.
Craig: What if we don't own the textbook?
Professor: There's one on reserve at the library.
Craig: Where's the library?

(3 minutes left in class)
Professor: There will be no trick questions. I'm on your side guys.
Craig: That 'e' option sure sounds like a FUCKING trick question.

(22 seconds left in class)
Craig: Should we use the back side of the pages in the blue book?
Professor: There is no blue book. It's all multiple choice.
Craig: Isn't this Creative Writing.
Professor: No, it's Cognitive Neuroscience.
Professor: I think you should go.

(2 minutes after class is over)
Lulu Chang: QQ: Quick question. Are we required to know what was supposed to be covered in today's lecture?