Rollover to reveal. Or remain seated to reveal, no diff.

Same old shit


Some of my art

Welcome to the Good Life
I swear I'm cool  

I am white

Kite Surfing
Soooo white

End of an Era
Moving my futon and desk lamp elsewhere

Needed an excuse to get my hair done

Formal 2
and take lots of pictures

Life of the Party, Death of the Keg  
Epidemiology of an Ulcer

Do You Taste As Good As You Look
It sounds sexual but I was eyeing a chocolate bar

Brought a camera because I thought it would help me fit in

Fetish Porn

Step Up 3
Alcohol gives me confidence to dance. By dance I mean flail my arms while jumping.  

Moments in 09 
Not much goin on here. I had my camera with me one night.

I lost my panties
Try not to look at this album. I dare you.

Broing out    
Being Gay

Night out with the Girrrrrrrls     
I love being single, seriously, so over it

Over It            
Not over it

Doing Yoga After My Brazilian Wax

My Cat
I don't really understand what "social" nor "networking" means

Our Wedding
Might as well delete this profile. I will never be interesting again

What'd you do today? Nothing. Thought so.

Charity Marathon
Yep, still way better than you

No longer obese, just overweight. Holla.