College is a special time in a person's life. It's a time when they're poor for four-ish years. That poverty breeds innovation. Anything you can't afford can be built out of old beer bottles and stolen school property. Here are five more examples of the best college inventions. And if this gets your creative juices flowing, test your inventing capabilitites by creating a Red Bull soapbox racer.

#6 GyroChairing

Any moron can invent bifocals (we mean you, Ben Franklin), light bulbs (get lost, Edison), or really complicated math (peace out, Einstein), but only the most resourceful — and bored — of college students could conceive of this new dorm-hallway sport. Though we're not quite sure what the object of this particular sport is, besides not puking.

#7 Robotic Rock Band

The only thing college kids want more than to be in a band is to never have to leave their dorms. Ever. Thanks to Rock Band, you don't. And thanks to the young Dr. Frankenstein who constructed these mechanical musicians, even the laziest student can enjoy digital rock stardom without leaving his dorm-issue bunk bed.

#8 Beer-Tapmobile
[picture:1665430|size=full|border=1|align=center]This is illegal in 48 states, but considered awesome in the other two.

#9 Beer Bottle Christmas Tree
[picture:1732990|size=full|border=1|align=center]Shockingly, heavy drinkers aren't the most eager to celebrate the Holidays, unless those celebrations include massive amounts of Egg Nog. So any innovation that raises the spirits of boozers come X-Mas, including a tree made of old Coors Light bottles, is worthy of good cheer.

#10 Alarm Clock Machine

Despite all our praise, the truth is most college innovations are quite useless. The Alarm Clock Machine, which is in fact an elaborate Rube Goldberg contraption with essentially no point, embraces this spirit of uselessness with 3 minutes of entertaining mechanics resulting in virtually no payoff except the pride in knowing you've put off doing something constructive, like studying, for another 180 seconds.