Producer: Welcome Mr. Stiller. Please take a seat.

Mr. Stiller: Thank you. I can't wait to tell you about my ideas for the sequel.

Producer: Okay. Shoot away.

Mr. Stiller: Alright. The main character, played by me of course, has been transferred to a new museum. So everybody is expecting things to come alive at this new museum as well, right?

Producer: Right.

Mr. Stiller: So in order to surprise the audience, this time NOTHING comes alive.

Producer: Nothing?

Mr. Stiller: Exactly. Instead, Larry will walk around in the museum thinking back on all the stuff that happened at the previous museum, and we will show clips of what he is thinking.

Producer: So basically, the second movie will just be a lot of clips from the first movie?

Mr. Stiller: Yes

Producer: No

Mr. Stiller: That's okay I have one more idea.

Producer: You only have one more idea?

Mr. Stiller: Yeah. It's not like I have had a lot of time to think of new ones.

Producer: It's been almost three years!

Mr. Stiller: Really? I guess time just flies by when you are me, but I think you are going to love this second idea.

Producer: Fine, let me hear.

Mr. Stiller: Okay, so it all takes place in a paper museum.

Producer: No.

Mr. Stiller: Yes, hear me out. It might sound crazy at first, but I promise you it's funny.

Producer: sigh Go on, a paper museum.

Mr. Stiller: Yes a paper museum. At night the paper comes to life like in the first movie, and we can put some paper cut jokes in and some other stuff I will come up with. Then, all of the sudden, an attack is made on the museum, and we find out it comes from the scissor museum next door.

Producer: Huh?

Mr. Stiller: Yes, but fortunately for Larry and his peeps of paper……. Get it? I replaced pieces of paper with peeps of paper as if it was his friends.

Producer: Yes I get it. I'm laughing on the inside.

Mr. Stiller: I see. Well fortunately for Larry and his peeps of paper there is a rock museum located next door. However, the rocks have always feared the paper, so of course they will have to make peace with each other first, before they can join forces and win over the evil scissors.

Producer: Of course.

Mr. Stiller: So they do that, and live happily ever after.

Producer: Let me just get this right. You want the entire movie to be a rock-paper-scissor joke

Mr. Stiller: Yes

Producer: No

Mr. Stiller: Okay

Producer: Look, how about if we just use the same characters we used in the first movies, add some new jokes and then we got a sequel?

Mr. Stiller: No

Producer: Yes

Mr. Stiller: Okay.

Narrator: And that, my kids, is how movies are made. Tune in next week, when we take a look at how music is written. Goodbye.