Frank Sinatra
One of the most famous big band vocalists in the history of music, Frank Sinatra is a household-recognized name across the world. Because of alleged ties with the Mafia and his New Deal politics, conservatives ostracized him.  He was even subject to thousands of pages of review by the US Government, especially under Hoover.  Perhaps those who disliked Sinatra were right, after all: if God wanted music to change he would have made it that way in the first place.

Chuck Berry
This rock and roll legend was at the forefront of the transition into "that damn rock music" during the mid 1950's (his only #1 song was a joke track called "My Ding-a-Ling").  His controversies mostly revolved around his "criminal activity," which included a carjacking with a nonfunctional pistol when he was a teenager, his involvement with an underage prostitute later in his career, and income tax evasion.  Wow, now that's a gangster. His intended involvement with a girl who, by today's standards, was old enough to dance around as a Disney moneymaker may have forever scarred the youth.  And tax evasion, how could he?

Jerry Lee Lewis
Often quoted as saying, "Rock and Roll is the Devil's music," this Christian school expelled musician was seen not only as a pusher of eclectic, sexual music, but also destroyed the family unit by marrying his second wife days before the divorce with his first wife was finalized.  And if that wasn't enough, the man's career stopped short when he married his thirteen-year old cousin years later. In order to restore his career, Lewis turned to country music, presumably assuming those who listen to country music are no strangers to incest.

Elvis Presley

Go anywhere in the world and Elvis' name will be recognized (yes, even the penguins like a little Jailhouse Rock).  Of course, he was hated by whites for appealing to the youth with negro-esque music and not played by black DJ's for being white… he was seen as sexual, his music was described as "…deplorable, a rancid smelling aphrodisiac. It fosters almost totally negative and destructive reactions in young people" by Frank Sinatra. And you know if a rebel like Frank Sinatra thinks it is bad, it must be Satan's work.  Pelvic gyration, sexual implications, costumed performance, and recreational drug use to the level of addiction set the stage for more modern bands like KISS and Aerosmith. Despite his disgusting lack of moral fiber, Elvis' actual sex life is now known to have been greatly exaggerated.  The man even refused to engage in oral sex with Cybil Shepard, making many a teenage boy more sexually risque than the king.

The Beatles
In the 1960's a band came from the faraway and exotic land of Great Britain, officially entering their celebrities into the big-times of destroying youth.  The Beatles did drugs, and not just Cocaine like Freud, Elvis, and pretty much everybody from the late 1800's. They also tried Heroin and, God forbid, Marijuana.  Of course, none of them snorted his own father, but that's a different story altogether.  This group was a major influence of the peace and love movement, and believed in togetherness and civil rights (how dare they?).  They were decreed anti-Christian (and were, according to Lennon "more popular than Jesus), anti American, communist, and satanic.  Even Elvis despised The Beatles (seeing a trend here?)—of course, he hated the entire hippy drug culture.

Led Zeppelin
Alright, so this band lives up to some the hype. Bonham was a violent alcoholic who died from choking on his own vomit, the entire band did a lot of drugs for a long time, and lets not even talk about the sex.  Of course, while these were concerns at the time, the larger concerns were the band's alleged ties to Satanism (the sex and drugs angle has started to lose its edge, apparently). While Page did have interest in the occult, none of the members of this band ever bit the head off of a bat (as far as we know). Plus, their Satanic messages were undeniably placed backwards on their songs a technique later used by Pokemon.  If musicians don't stop expressing subliminal messages backwards on their albums, how will we ever raise our backwards hearing children? The prospects are frightening.