1. So here's a page of a bunch of hot girls doing beer bongs. The only reason I am linking this is because I have fallen in love. If anyone knows the second girl from the left in the second row, please, have her call me.
  2. I'm being serious right now. This video right here is my dream. It's my dream coming true. I always wish my life was like a musical; where I could break into song at any time. This happens here.
  3. I won't say much about this video other than it's a dude jumping over a car. I'll also say that it's very impressive. It's also awesome.
  4. These toys are the kind of toys I'm going to buy my children. Any stuffed animal that has felt blood in it is cool with me. These little guys need cuddling more than anyone.
  5. This video is undeniable proof that girls fart! Spread the word, men! Women flatulate!

Pic of the Day
"I call it… Petoria. I was going to call it Peterland, but that gay bar by the airport took it."