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I kept my roommate in the dark about a pest problem we had in our dorm room. My grandmother bought me candied apples that I never got around to eating. They got shoved underneath my bed somehow for me to forget about. The apples were in a plastic container, so I figured they would keep fruit flies out. I was wrong. We had disgusting little bugs flying around our room for a month or so. We couldn't figure out the problem until I found the rotting apples under my bed. I couldn't tell her that the flies were my fault! She still thinks the flies were coming in through the vents.

Rachel McClain, Mansfield

I can't make this up. My roommate made cupcakes last week, and he wouldn't tell us why. He sounded embarrassed about it. But some of my friends were badgering him about it until he finally confessed that he bought some girl a pet, and then made the cupcakes for the pet. But the pet ended up being a fish. And he made cupcakes because (and I kid you not) "have you ever seen anyone try to fit a cake into a fishbowl?"
Sean Amodeo, Christopher Newport University

You say that you trust me enough to leave your door unlocked but what you don't know is that when you're gone I go into your room and steal your cheese. I really wish you would start buying cheddar because I like it a lot better than that kraft American singles junk you buy. That's just payback for you picking the lock (I know, since you brag about your ability to do it so much and manage to get in even after I lock it and check it before I go to bed) to my room and turning off my alarm clock when you think I'm not conscious. The truth is even when I'm half asleep and can't verbally catch you I can still see your face leaning over my bed!!! Thanks for making me late to class on numerous occasions. I will eat your cheese until the end of the year! And maybe I will start on your chicken strips next.
Lindsey K, School Not Given

Freshmen year I roomed with some random guy (Brad) who turned out to be kind of an ass. He would always smoke cigarettes in the room, invite his nasty friends over, and play video games constantly (on my TV). One day I got back from class early and was sitting at my desk when I hear Brad coming in. I was thinking about scaring him (he's a screamer) but I decided to just sit back and watch. Without so much as blinking, I watched him throw his stuff down and look around the room. How he didn't see me sitting 5 feet from him is a mystery (I think his vision is based on movement). I watched him grab my bottle of milk out of the fridge and start chugging it. Slowly his eyes panned around to the room, and the instant he noticed me sitting there he spat milk clear across the room – all over his stuff, and some even hit his wall. He was still kind-of a ass after that, but at least I had something to make fun of him for.
Max H, SUNY Fredonia

Sophomore year I had a roommate that played World of Warcraft about 10 hours a day. During finals I was really sick of him playing until about 4 am when I had an 8:00 am test the next day. So the last night of finals week I got really angry and went out into the hall and pried the door to the circuit breaker open. I shut off the power to my room and left to go hang with some friends. Well the next day I woke up and when I was going to shower there was a girl in the hall crying to her parents on the phone. It turns out that the power went off in her room during the night and she didn't wake up in time for her flight home. I guess that's why when i got back to my dorm my roommate was still playing Warcraft and the electricity was still working.
Kurt H., School Not Given

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