You knwo what i hate alot~?

an articel by karl junior steinberg

you kno waht i hate alot?ill make a list so peeple can undersatnd me better becaus thats what peopl like to do with lists to understna.

for exmaple, i hate wachtes. 

1) cheesewyh do people like this? it usully doesnt taste good. somtimes it does but that usualy doesnt happn. tho my cat The Great cAtsby loves chees a but he eats anything one time he ate a bird the, whole thing~ unbeliabvle.

2 athing that doesnt have to do with cats – becaus i love cats, espeiclly my two cats, the Great CAtsby and jewlry. for exmple, i dont like dogs. or chese.

3 the day my cat jewelry almost deid – but then she dindt because i taxidermiered her so know she sleeps with me witout movin~ unlike catsby, she just cant sti still~ unless shes fat~

$) my dad – jujst kiddin~ i didnt evn kno em~ until i saw him in a dearm so i think he mite be that guy from match gam

6. stupid qoutes – peeple say the smae things ovr and over and it dosnt mean anything~ come on, i cuold go on and on about it cause i love complaninn ~ put that on a bumpr car~ 

jknasjklnjknasdfjknjklkjlbhjasd7) when yr cat steps on ur computr, bad Catsby~

i also dont like violent moveis that muc h. did you see that movie about the family yellin a lot? family stones. I wantd to cry but i havnt cried since my wife left me.

but i do luv dancin~ its true. this one time ithrew a dance in my livin room. the Great Cabtsy barely movd a bit but you shulda seen jewlry move ive nver seen a cat lik that~ i taught jewlry the maca Rena and the song where the man tells u to sldie all ovr to the rihgt and tot ake it back yal. we laughd. 

did u watch tv? my favrite show this yaer was extra extar~ becuaze you get to kno so much about peopl that you dont know very well, for instanc, did u know the girl from UPN with the twins sister might have ben a man at one piont? jsut like Jewlry~ i also lov the show lost becuse evryones face is so close to the camra it feels lik they ar in your livin room for dinnr but i cant share my browni not, even with you smoky monstr~

the show i relly hated was that one with the robts that turnd into cars~

i love moisturiser

ok times almost up at the pulbic librery but ill com back nxet time with more things i hate or dont hate becusa peopl care what i thnki and lauhg from it on collage humr~

also hav u heard of youtubes? so funn```` i dont hate taht~~``