God: Karen Eckles MUST return to night school and get her GED!
But, my Lord…She's so busy with her husband and four kids!

Then we must inspire her. She'll need to experience something tragic to see the preciousness of life.

Angel: nodding She needs to be aware that it can end at any moment.

Let's have her witness a motorcycle accident. Have the guy get hit by a semi or something.

Angel: His sacrifice will be for the greater good.

God: Right, the GED.

Angel: This could be what brings her family from lower to working class! But what if the one accident isn't enough?

God: We'll just keep slaughtering motorcyclists, eventually it'll dawn on her.

It's a good thing we have so many ancillary characters to kill in order to drop Karen little clues on how to live her significantly more important life.

God: Everything that has ever happened to anyone was just to get a reaction out of her.

Angel: Her existence is so important that everything must be justified.

God: All hail Karen, Queen of the Universe.