Chick flicks are a time honored tradition in American cinema.  They are easy to write (they all have the same plot formula).  Women flock to go see them as a way to share their pain about the men in their lives.  They also share the pain with the men in their lives by dragging them to these movies, guaranteeing double the revenue because at least half of the people in the theater don't want to be there.

Now I haven't seen many chick flicks in my time.  Mainly because I haven't been on many of those, what do you call them… dates?  However, I was dragged to this one and while the movie posters and trailers guarantee estrogen spilling and that Gerard Butler will be killing zero Persians, I was pleasantly surprised, mainly because of this:

In The Ugly Truth, Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) is a neurotic control-freak who produces a morning news show in Sacramento and is taking a beating in the ratings.  Her woes at work are reflected in her dating life as she applies her managerial techniques to managing and critiquing men. 

In only a way that Hollywood can concoct, in comes a crude, rude, single dude named Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler), who has a cable access program called, you guessed it, "The Ugly Truth", a dating and relationship advice show that constantly spews about how simple men are and that the only love connection a couple needs is between a mouth and a penis.  Abby's boss hires Mike to do a segment each morning on the news show and hilarity ensues.  Abby continually tries to destroy Mike until he offers to help her land a man if she gets off his back (and soon onto his front, HEY-O). 

Of course during Mike's helping Abby, he falls in love with her.  It comes down to her picking between her perfect man (a tall doctor) and Mike, a partially college-educated man-whore. 

In my opinion, offer to go see this movie to your girlfriend.  She'll think you're enlightened wanting to go see a chick flick.  But make sure you get your well-deserved sexual favors before you go to the movie, because in the end, the men are right (like they always are) and it shows women to not even go after the rich, successful, attractive, flossing, hair-combing doctor, but to instead hook up with masochistic slobs.  This may put a damper in her mood, especially when you tell her that the movie was completely accurate as well as funny.

So go and enjoy this virtually painless chick flick and when she gets mad at you for liking this movie, be sure to tell her that, "Hey, the truth is ugly."  Man I love puns.