The Internet is a wondrous thing. Some might say it is the most wondrous thing to ever happen to the world of information. It gives us a way to pool our collective experiences and research into one universally (if we define the universe as just people with an internet connection, and I do) accessible well of knowledge. It's also a well of weird that we intend to keep digging. If you find any instances of Internet oddity, send them to

Sometimes, while perusing the Internet and minding your own business, the stars align and provide you with the perfect ad placement:

If a flash of banner ad irony is too isolated for you, have no fear. There is a place where the world can unite under the ancient flag of mischief and discover the majesty of public opinion: the Amazon.

Whether people are bonding over shared experiences or describing their personal journeys, one thing remains the same: the impact they have on our hearts.

Internet shenanigans are not always this simple, though. A great man once said, "With great power comes great responsibility." Those words were never truer than when Wikipedia came into existence and provided users with the ability to edit entries and the responsibility to vandalize them. Take, for instance, the Popcorn Plight. Brave men and women go back day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day to make sure that popcorn is never just popcorn.

Help us honor the history of these valiant warriors. Send your findings to

Special thanks to Kevin "Popcorn" Corrigan.