U.S.: hello?

Collector: hello is the united states available?

U.S.: Maybe… who's this?

Collectors: I am a representative of a debt collectionagency and-

U.S.: (whispering off phone) shit, they used a private number…

England is heardlaughing in the background, and a quiet "bloody hell you're screwed." is heard.

U.S.: Uhh… no, umm, this is Canada. You must have the wrongnumber.

Collectors: We just heard England in the background.

U.S.: Yeah, uhh,  theyare the landlord and all. Eh?

Collectors: This is just embarrassing-

 A click is heard as the manager butts in.

Manager: Somfing wong?

Collector: I don't know China, they said they are Canada.

U.S.: Hey, what the hell is going on here?!

Manager: Ohh I see, day gonna wish day was Canada at da endof dis caw.

U.S.: F*ck you! These colors don't run!


Again England is heardlaughing in the background.

U.S.: sh*t… can we defer the payments again?