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Phrases for the 21st Century
I got so drunk I had to Wikipedia what I did last night.
-Jason Christie
It's Still a Palindrome!
President Theodore Roosevelt, a strategy to gain access to the Panama Canal Zone by helping Panama declare independence from Colombia, a waterway completed in 1914.
-Dan Gurewitch
Reading Can Be Fun!
How: Whenever you see the word “THE” in a newspaper article, replace it with the word FART!
Example: President Hugo Chavez was granted free rein Wednesday to accelerate changes in broad areas of society by presidential decree — a move critics said propels Venezuela toward dictatorship.

Bad example, but you get it!
-Amir B.
Worst Pick-Up Line Ever
Do you think a baby’s eyeballs are the same size as a full grown man’s, or do you think they grow as you get older? I think they grow.
-Jeff Rubin
A bad metaphor is a gay penguin with a runny nose.
-Matt Enstrom
Failed Ad Slogan
Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline. Or maybe she killed an old homeless woman and stole it.
-Chris Richman
Two Black Guys Talking About Norbit
-Are you trying to see Norbit?
-Tom Sunnergren
Craigslist Posting By Someone Who Doesn't Get Craigslist
Needed: A free online bulletin board system for posting requests for service and classified ads.
-Streeter Seidell
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