Long Branch Police Department received a phonecall from a worried neighbor who had spotted a man peering in the window of ahouse for sale. Officer Buble and Officer Meyers were the first ones to arrive.

Officer Buble: Excuse me, sir. Could you please tell me what you are doing here?

Bob Dylan turns around.

Bob Dylan:
Oh, I'm just looking.

Officer Buble:
Sure you are, and I'm just curious. Could you tell me your name please?

Bob Dylan: I'm Bob Dylan.

Officer Buble is stunned by this meeting and for a few minutes she just stares at him.

Officer Buble:
Ok then. I'm just going to need a quick word with my partner, you just wait right here.

Officer Buble walks back to her partner who is waiting by the police car.

Officer Buble:
You are never going to believe who it is. BOB DYLAN!

Officer Meyers:
The Bob Dylan? Bob "knocking on heavens door" Dylan?

Officer Buble: Yes, that Bob Dylan. Now, how do we get him to give us an autograph without looking pathetic?

Officer Meyers: Hmm. I have a plan, just follow my lead.

Both officers walk back to Bob Dylan.

Officer Meyers: So, you say you are Bob Dylan?

Bob Dylan: I am Bob Dylan.

Officer Meyers: Do you have some ID, to verify that?

Bob Dylan: No, I didn't bring any.

Officer Meyers: Then I'm afraid you are going to have to walk us back to your tour bus to verify it.

Bob Dylan: So you know that I have a tour bus, but you still want ID to see if I'm Bob Dylan.

Officer Meyers: Did I say tour bus? I meant to say… um… sour crush?

Bob Dylan: That doesn't make any sense?

Officer Meyers:
Enough with the questions. Do you have ID somewhere around here or not.

Bob Dylan: Sure, just follow me.

They walk back to Bob Dylan's tour bus. The two officers walk around and inspect the bus as if they are not completely convinced it is legit, but you can see the excitement in their eyes.

Bob Dylan: Well here you are. Am I free to go now?

Officer Meyers: Well everything seems to check out. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. We had to be sure. Now, all you need to do is sign my partner's boobies to agree that you are "cool" with this incident and then we will leave you alone.

Officer Buble lifts up her shirt and smiles.