Do you remember reading Archie comics when you were young? Every time a new comic appeared in the grocery store impulse stand you would beg your mother to buy it for you promising to be really good for the rest of the day. Or maybe you don't know what I'm talking about because you didn't read Archie comics, you thought they were stupid or just didn't care.

Well either way, whether you read the comics or not I'm sure you still know the basic plot. Teens going to highschool where the biggest problems involved being grounded and losing your car or not having a date to the dance. You should also know about the love triangle betwen Archie (you average american boy), Veronica (the mean stuck up rich bitch), and Betty (the wholesome girl next door). For those who don't know, both Betty and Veronica like Archie and he likes both of them but cannot decide between the two so he flip flops between them.

Now after many years of not being able to decide, well…he decided. Archie has finally proposed to…VERONICA?!? WTF!

Advid fans, and even those who have only read one archie comic know that Archie is supposed to be with Betty. After all the years of blowing her off for Veronica and only asking her out when Veronica was busy he was supposed to realize that Betty was the girl for him. She is the one who truely loved him. She never really dated anyone else besides maybe Reggie or the occasional unknown character. She devoted herself truely to being there for Archie (which was a bit of a step back for women rights but hey thats a whole other story).

Veronica only wanted Archie because Betty wanted him. She used and abused him. She had no problem dating other guys and flaunting it in Archies face. Her father hates Archie. I think Archie only wants her for her money and her looks. The marriage is doomed. Don't get me wrong, its not like I hate Veronica…I just don't understand how Archie could pick her over Betty. I think the writers just wanna mess with the fans.

I'm thinking that the Archie comics just released this info to build up hype but when the comic is released Sept. 1 something with go weird like Veronica will say no and ruin it all. I suppose that this is just a coping method because I don't want to believe this all to be true.

I wonder if the next issue is going to be about Betty commiting suicide…