When the commercials stared to run on TV I made a point to start acampaign against' this move, not because it go agents' my moral valuesor anything like that. My morals are few if any, I just knew what wasbeing presented to me, a movie base on a rape seen.

Now for the last 4-5 years we have started to see rape seen pop upmore and more as writers become less and less creative. I know I'veseen enough remake to make me say to myself "Now do I have to eat itevery time a movie studios take a shit,.. or only when I really kept upwith the cartoon, as a kid."

It's always fun when your sitting throw a bad horror movie and makingfun of it with a good group. however it's never fun when the guy withthe heavy southern ascent stars saying things that sound like he isgoing to "get his", and I think we have all had that moment when yoursitting there on the couch, and in the back of your mind you starttelling yourself;

To yourself: "He's going to fucking rape her, I know it."

((Movie)) "O you gonna do just find for what I got in store for you."

To yourself: "Now he's giving it away."

((Movie)) "You the pretty's thing I've seen in a long long time, you know that?"

To yourself: "Grate!, a long long time, so why miss the opportunity right"

To yourself: "Fuck this thing is happening, there's no way it's not"

At this point your only hope is that the guy get off on killing, andall you would only have to sit throw some person getting, gutted like afish. It's fucked up that I'd rather see a rootless murder then haft tosit throw something "Yucky!"

((Movie)) "Fuck you, you peace of shit the cops are going to find me"

To yourself: "don't provoke him!"

To yourself: "I need to make an exit quick, before this guy say's something like "Party time" in real creepy way"

((Movie)) "PARTY TIME.."

To yourself: " FUCK!"

I'm Stuck!,.. I can't get up because everyone will know, I'm justrunning away from it. So now I'm forced in to sitting there with a roomfull of uncomfortable people, one chick has her hand over her mothtrying not to cry, and your one friend, who is really a good guy butjust is a piece of shit when it come to movies, is holding his mothtrying not to laugh, everyone else including you, has a face on likeyour all looking in to a really bright light.

No thanks man,But I do have some predictions


1. A long rape seen.

2. One kid who feels bad about.

3. A victim who feels worse.

4.crying mom and dad.

5. And a BIG pay back seen.

Roll credits.