No matter how bad Andrew Kline f*cks up, he seems to always come out on top for Ari.  If he can sign a client from jail crying like a baby, I'm pretty sure he could sell Anne Frank a pork sandwich while dressed like Hitler.

Ari suffers yet another Kline meltdown by finding him asleep in his office (instead of his own for some reason) and surrounded by coworkers.  If it were me, I don't think I would try to sleep in an office with all glass walls and expect any privacy.  Anyway, that b*tch Babs finds out and says if Kline doesn't sign Aaron Sorkin (West Wing) by the end of the day, he's canned.  Ari conveys this to Andrew, who ends up not showing up to the meeting because he's trying to get his notes from his house, but Marlo won't let him in, so what is the most reasonable way to settle this?  Drive your Cadillac into your living room, duh. 

Kline ends up in the county jail and I'm pretty sure he didn't do the first two things you're supposed to when you're in jail: shiv someone, and not cry.  Sorkin would rather go to a meeting in jail with Andrew Kline than in an office building with Ari Gold, so Kline ends up actually signing him through the glass partition.  That's something you just learn from experience, I don't think even a Harvard MBA can prepare you for that. 

Vince and the gang meet with Aaron Coen, who I would assume would be ex-KGB if he didn't have a Jewish last name, but who knows.  He sets the house up with motion cameras in every room, bullet-proof windows, and two round the clock body guards.  I would hate to see the kind of security that Hannah Montana needs.  They spend the day running emegergency drills with Drama as a Vince stand-in and Turtle as the random chick from the bars.  I did appreciate the effort Drama put into it, especially the facial expressions conveying fear, doubt, and uncertainty.  I think he could use the security tape in his reel for future auditions.

At the end of the day Aaron finds a driver's license in the couch cushion that belongs to a creepy ginger named Curtis Tucker.  This is supposed to provide a lead for them to find their stalker, but I'm calling bullshit right now.  I think that in the next episode we'll find that the license was planted there to scare Vince into keeping this service and that eventually the security company will be found out to be a scam.  That's just my prediction, if I'm right I'll post a link back to this article saying, "I told you so," if I'm wrong, I'll deny everything.

E spends the whole day trying to read into his drink date with Sloan.  She said she has a boyfriend, but hasn't put a label on it yet, which means it's not 'Facebook Official'.  Just as he pulls up to the hotel, wouldn't you know it, Ashley calls!  These girls must have an alarm that goes off whenever something good might happen to E.  Ashley wants E to come right over, and E seems to go along with whatever people tell him to do, so of course he runs over to Ashley's after telling Sloan off.  You either have to have huge balls or no balls to dump a chick as hot as Sloan, but unfortunately I think it's because E has the latter. 

Some things I liked about this episode:

1.  How hot Sloan looked in her bright red lipstick.  I keep saying she looks hotter every episode, and she keeps on proving she can take it to the next level.  The day when she doesn't look as hot as she did the time before and it becomes apparent the streak has ended, you'll find me dead and naked hanging from my closet, and you'll know my last thoughts were of her. 

2.  How much weed the guys (Turtle) have been smoking.  It brings a certain reality to the episodes because it's not the main focus of each scene, but you definitely can't ignore it's happening.

3.  Drama's facial expressions, which are always a pleasure.

Things I didn't like:

1.  Ashley.

Next week Turtle sees what it's like to be quasi-famous and desirable by hot chicks, and maybe he won't think being in a relationship is as sweet as it seems. Vince continues dealing with the security company, and probably breaking off with them per my earlier prediction. Finally, Lloyd may be lured away by Adam Davies, either by the career potential or the possibility of gay sex, the only way we can know is to watch next Sunday.

Closing Credit Song: "Sunrise" by Yeasayer.

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