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I only have the lord to thank that we didn't have to live together, but when our ski team would take our trips were always had to share hotels and condos. Remember how I would spend hours cooking for the team and you would refuse to clean up because you had went out for dinner, and then come back at midnight and eat everything anyways? Or talk to the team behind my back about how my family didn't have much money? Or keep me up until 2 or 3 in the morning because you would be fighting with your d-bag boyfriend on the phone, the night before races? Or how we got fined a bunch of money because you decided to wax your skis on the condo stairs, or all those times you let me unscrew full length courses by myself because you were tired? Well the night before our biggest comp I went to the ski locker and filed down your ski edges till they were rounded and rough, which might have been why you fell in the first run. not that it matters, because you can't ski worth shit anyways. By the way, that time you got sick when we were at Mt. Washington might have had something to do with the fact that I used your toothbrush to clean that hairy, scummy bar of soap that the condo owners had left sitting in the shower. I hope you go find something you're talented at. something that isn't skiing.
Cassidy Shrite, School Not Given

You are probably the worst person in the Western Hemisphere, and I only knew you for 8 months. I was gracious enough to let you use my guitar and amp because you could not afford to bring your "sweet rig". But after you blew my tubes by doing everything I told you not to do, then refused to buy me new ones and cutting all the strings on the guitar and stomping on my 300 dollar foot pedal, It was on. I sent you a fake email right before your finals about where to meet with a producer from Atlantic Records in L.A. that week. I started feeling bad as you pawned all your CD's and your laptop for a trip to L.A. At least you had one last romp in the sun. Photoshop is rather convincing. BTW: Your music sucks.
James H, Lakehead University, Canada

We had a roommate that was a pilot. Always talked shit about every major other then his. He even talked in the 3rd person. He never went to the bars (he said pilots are mature and don't drink) but came out with the other two roommates and I one night before graduation. We told him we bought him roman cokes, we actually bought him diet coke. He pretended he was drunk for 4 hours. After he "stumbled" on the sidewalk, we broke the news to him. He ran off crying and ended up moving out the next day (we still had 3 months on the lease). Last we heard about him is the only job he found was at McDonalds and was hired and fired within 24 hours. I don't know how a person can get fired within 24 hours, but I guess pilots can!
Chris T., BGSU

The first weekend my suitemates invited 2 girls into their room and decided to drink with them with the hopes of getting laid. Instead of getting lucky, they both got sick (lightweights). Well, one of them couldn't make it to the bathroom in time and threw up on the floor it our little common area. Well, Monday morning they said not to worry about it and that you would have it cleaned up by the end of they day. Well guess what, it's Thursday Night and the throw up is still on the floor. Well actually its not, I took the carpet that you put on top of it and whiped it clean all over your beds and pillows. Then I took the food particles, picked them up with plastic bags, and placed them in your AC, under your desk, under your bed, and in your closet. Hope sleeping in your throw up is nice.
Dave Steel, Manhattan

Hey Charles C.T., remember freshman year when you took your mattress and put it on the floor to "be cool" and made such a mess of our dorm that the R.A. left a note calling us a fire hazard? Remember how I had to move out because it got so disgusting I nearly vomited each time I entered the room? Well, when I finally did move out, I was the one who cut a hole in the bottom of your mattress just big enough for my niece's used baby diaper to be hidden. So, no more mystery why our suite mates kept petitioning to get you expelled from the dorms even after you got your act together.
Miguelito G., Alabama

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