It's been a whole two weeks since the last episode of Entourage, but this episode was worth the wait in my opinion. 

The Israeli Task Force is running security for the guys, waking them up at 7am laughing about a Palestinian with a bomb up her ass (I know, I laughed my ass off too).  To add to that, they don't flush the toilets when they use them and they stole Turtle's cereal.  I bet Turtle's not so much pissed about the cereal as he is about the glow in the dark race car inside.  This type of behavior only confirms what I've believed for years: never let a foreigner in your house.

Things were looking good for Ari at the office, at least for the first part of the episode.  He signed Zac Efron and made Adam Davies cry.  I did like how that hot mom kept coming up to Zac at the store; sure lady, just find someplace to dump the kid and we'll bone. 

As retaliation for Ari's stunt, Adam Davies offers Lloyd a job as an agent.  At first Lloyd denied out of total loyalty for Ari, but as the old proverb goes, "you can only push a queer so far".  Ari more than doubles the time left in Lloyd's pledgeship and sends him to do a bunch of bullsh*t jobs.  The scene ends with Lloyd getting rear-ended (not the good kind) in Ari's car, and he decides now would be a good time to quit and leave Ari's busted car in the middle of gridlock traffic.  Look at it this way, at least we got a really good "LLOYD!" out of Ari.

I think I should get some kind of recognition or payment from HBO because the writers obviously have based Ashley on every girl I've ever dated.  I mean this is getting ridiculous.  Even after she embarrasses E into telling her that Drama asked if she gave him a wake-up beej, she doesn't even oblige.  That's just poor etiquette.  One thing does confuse me though, why does Vince show up as 'Rupert Pupkin' on everyone's phones?  Rupert Pupkin, of course, is De Niro's character in The King of Comedy (1984) (thank you Wikipedia).  Ashley probably believes she's against a savvy 60-year old gay man for E's love.  I'm hoping for some Sloan-heavy scenes in the future and less of 'Crazy Ashley'.

Throughout the episode the guys as well as the Israelis are determined to get to the bottom of their stalker situation.  They find out that the creepy ginger works at a sex shop (duh, that's the first place they should have looked).  Even better, it's a sex shop that Drama frequents when he's not at the rub-and-tug.  Meanwhile, Turtle is getting looks from some sorority girls that obviously didn't go to my college.  As Drama goes to the sex shop to confront the stalker, which his makeup made for an even more terrifying emotional explosion, Turtle uncovers some skirts, only to find… his own underwear!  That sounds like either a really bad or really good Twilight Zone, depending on how high you are.  They all realize that it was a big prank by the sorority pledges and everything goes back to normal. Yay! 

Next week we see Lloyd on the couch eating ice cream, Drama getting an offer on the new Melrose Place, and E maybe starting some office romance with his hot ass assistant.

Closing Credit Song:  "Piece of Clay" by Marvin Gaye

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