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I took out my roommate's pillow out of the pillow case and replaced it with a steel suitcase. Unfortunately, the loud 'thud' and subsequent 'ow!' came from his girlfriend when she apparently dove head-first into the pillow. I'm not sorry.
Roger West, Kutztown University

Hi, dude I roomed with for half a year in the army. Remember how you were always being a complete ass to me without any provocation whatsoever? Remember you took that course, but your license never ended up arriving? Well, it kind of did, but I had mail delivery duty that day, and thought the trash was a more suitable place for it. The world is better off without you in any position requiring a license, really.

Dear Chad, you're a tool. When you aren't making an ass of yourself at a party you usually just stand around holding a red plastic cup waiting for something exciting to happen so you can scream something that demonstrates how much they enjoy partying. You have 7 pairs of shutter shades and you just frosted your tips. So I was the one who put the 2.5 pounds if weed in your room under your bed and called the cops. Yeah, yeah I know it was an expensive prank, but the look on your face as you got arrested and put in the cop car in only your underwear was priceless. You're my wallpaper.
Anthony DeTorres, San Francisco State

Dear Jason,I'm so glad your post was featured in Roommate Confessions last week. I feel like we should level the playing field and talk a little about you. I'm sorry if I ever ate your food or didn't do your dishes, but considering the quantity of Chinese food you ate I didn't think you'd ever eat it. In fact, I have half a feeling you just wanted to bitch at someone else so you could feel better about yourself. Tell me, out of the dozens of women you found on MySpace and banged, did they ever raise your self-esteem enough to keep you from your crippling insomnia? How about the fact that I'd wake up to find you passed out on the couch, having drank all my whiskey. What about college? Did you ever finish, or are you still talking up about how you're joining the coast guard? It doesn't take much to assume you've done neither of these things. The fact that this was well over a year ago and I'd long since forgotten about your sorry ass makes me think that you'll never grow up, and you'll always be an overweight alcoholic dropout who plays too much world of warcraft. And BTW, yeah, that was definitely a solid prank. Kudos.
Mr. Crosby, Ithaca College

You brought your boyfriend to visit our dorm for 2 days, yet he stayed for a week. Without showering. And then I come back from class and you two are cleaning my desk, eating my food, playing with my pictures, and looking through my notes. On top of all that, you hid my anxiety medication before finals because you thought it'd be funny to "see how I'd freak out". Well, it wasn't Shelby who took your vibrators and taped it to your half of the door for the hallway to see. It was me. Good thing they weren't the used ones!
Anonymous, School Not Given

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