So did everyone watch the Emmy's this week?  If not, you can check out the list of Sunday's winners here.   You'll notice the Dallas Cowboys are NOT on that list.  Booya. (

Julia Roberts and friends are in India shooting a movie this week, and by friends I mean a security staff of 350 people.  I think that technically counts as an army.  Watch out, Pratibha Patil.  An army controlled by Julia Roberts is the scariest kind of army. (WWTDD)

The Jay Leno Show has only been on for a couple weeks and already its putting up the lowest numbers in Monday night primetime.  Looks like that voodoo hex worked out after all, Conan!  That voodoo hex known as being funnier. (WWTDD)

Kevin Federline announced this week that he will be joining the next season of Celebrity Fit Club.  Although, one of the other contestants is Shar Jackson, known for being Kevin Federline's baby mama, so at that point can we just start calling it Fit Club? (Celebslam)

LeAnn Rimes called the police this week, who arrived at the scene just in time to…watch her bags.  She called the police to watch her bags as she packed her car.  Sorry, multiple murder victims.  The police were busy making sure LeAnn Rimes' BAGS DIDN'T MOVE. (WWTDD)

It's been a while since we've had a good old-fashioned nip slip, hasn't it?  Well that's what 90210's AnnaLynne McCord is here for.  That, and to hold the record for most unnecessary capital letters in a single name. (Egotastic)

So remember the Megan Fox/Amanda Seyfried Jennifer's Body kissing scene I posted last week?  Turns out that was the short version.  See the full bootleg one here.  And yet somehow America would still rather go see Love Happens.  (Egotastic, IDLYITW)

Khloe Kardashian and LA Laker Lamar Odom, who met just one month ago, announced their engagement this week.  Some might say that's a little fast, but at least they'll have time while they're planning the wedd- oh, it's this Sunday?  Oh. I see.  Well that's dumb. (WWTDD)

This week, a drunk Lindsay Lohan threw a beer at a paparazzi while leaving an Emmy's afterparty.  Wait, I thought Lindsay didn't drink, so why was she drunk with a beer?  To be fair, I also thought she didn't act, and yet she was at an Emmy's afterparty.  I guess anything is possible! (IDLYITW)

Cleave of the week!  This was a landmark week for cleave, and I just can't choose one.  So here they are: from Christina Hendricks and Blake Lively at the Emmy's to Amanda Seyfried and Elizabeth Hurley's hot photoshoots, we salute you all.  Those of us wearing sweatpants salute more noticeably than others. (Hollywood Tuna, Derekhail, Egotastic, Popoholic)

And now, the Guy You Wish You Were Of The Day: this guy, who apparently has the job of fondling Katy Perry's wet breasts in a fountain.  Hollywood, where any pervert can get a job! I'm looking at you, Charlie Sheen. (Derekhail)

The funny thing about skintight, flesh-colored bodysuits is that they can go one of two ways.  The Britney way, or the Pink way.  They're both hot, just one in an action figure kind of way.  I'll let you guess which. (WWTDD)

A new PETA anti-fur ad was released this week, this one featuring Dancing With The Stars' Karina Smirnoff.  Nude.  Too bad no one's eyes will actually make it to the words. (Hollywood Tuna)

This week, topless pictures from Holly Madison and Aubrey O'Day's peep show hit the web, and Aubrey O'Day was NOT happy.  So, to contradict those naked pictures, she posted a video where she's…practically naked.  Sooo.  I guess point taken? (Celebslam, Hollywood Tuna)

Remember how Lindsay Lohan's house was robbed a few weeks ago?  Well it's looking like she DID know the robber – it's her coke dealer.  Dum dum DUMMMMM.  Oh, sorry, those should all have b's.  (IDLYITW)

This week, Amy Winehouse spit on a child.  That's about all we need on that one. (Celebslam)

And last but not least, this week's Still Got It.  A drunk Hasselhoff and man-assed Meg Ryan were both in the running this week, but I have to give it to George Clooney for this amazing face.  Congrats George, you Still Got It! (Celebslam)

Oh, and for those of you who made it this far, a special shout-out to CH friend Ben Schwartz, who won an Emmy this week for Best Original Music and Lyrics.  Congrats!