It seemed like a bad day for everyone in the world of Entourage this week.  Except of course Vince, who boned the secretary from Planned Parenthood.  I wonder if she asked him to use protection?

Terrance (Ari's old boss) pays a surprise visit to Ari at his office.  How exactly you sneak up on someone in a building with glass walls I'm not entirely sure, but nonetheless he offers Ari first dibs on buying out his company, meaning that Ari could do whatever he wants to Adam Davies and Lloyd since they'd be working for him.  Ari uncovers that the reason Terrance wants to sell is because he is about to divorce his smoking hot wife, all because he boned a probably equally smoking hot mistress.  Normally I fully endorse banging hot women, but for half of what Terrance is worth?  I'm thinking that it was probably not worth it.

Turtle has been dealing with the jealousy that comes with being Facebook stalked by insanely hot college girls… I know, right?  I hate it when that happens to me, too.  Anyway Jamie-Lynn has been offered a role that shoots in New Zealand and we come to find out that her decision was based on her and Turtle's relationship being on the rocks lately.  She didn't break it off but she wants Turtle to see other people.  Win, I guess?  If it weren't for the guilt, I would say 'yes'.  We also learn that Turtles can cry.

Drama goes to his audition for "Melrose 2009" and is up against Superman himself, Dean Cain.  If that wouldn't be stressful enough, Drama has to audition in front of the same director he flipped out on when a guy kept checking his email during Drama's reading.  This all turns into Drama having a near heart attack and being hospitalized.  The doctor's recommendation: reduce life stress.  He might as well have asked Drama to walk on the moon, amirite?  Drama decides to take a step back from acting and re-assess his life, which Lloyd feels would be fatal to his career.

E's day probably seems all too familiar and scary to us males, I know it does to me.  E was at the club making out with the friendliest chick in Hollywood, if you catch my drift.  He ends up screwing her without protection, and finds out that Drama along with every douche bag in town has hit that.  He goes to the clinic to get tested, and if you haven't had it done before, yes, they do jam that cotton swab right up your dick, and yes it hurts.  He spends all day waiting for the results and scratching his junk, but ends up being clean.  And before you jump to conclusions about me, yes I was clean too.   E decides that the dating scene is too scary and resolves to make it work with Sloan.  Thankfully this will end our Sloan drought that we have been enduring.

Next week is the Season Finale and we're looking for resolution with all our characters.  Will Vince get to start shooting on his Ferrari movie?  Will E win back Sloan?  Will Drama stay alive long enough to act again?  Will Turtle bone the UCLA girl or stick with Jamie-Lynn, or will she even take the job?  Ari and Lloyd still have to hug it out before we come to a close, and that may be a possibility when Ari buys the company Lloyd is working for.

I look forward to your comments on what you're expecting for the finale next week.  Thanks for reading!