Tired of playing Goldeneye on your old N64 all day? Me neither. But we do know you've got a basement bin full of Dreamcasts, PS1s and, dare I say, a broken Sega Saturn steering wheel from your glory racing days. Gamestop will probably give you 4 dollars for a mint condition system, so you've never really had the option of getting rid of a system (unless you donated it to Goodwill for the less fortunate, but c'mon people. Who are we kidding?). Well CollegeHumor is giving you the chance to make use of that old SNES once again.

Send us pictures of new uses for your old systems for the chance to win 1 of 3 X-BOX 360 Elites and 30 brand new games. Is your Atari a paper weight? Your Sega a lamp? Maybe you modded your original Nintendo into a toaster. Who knows. Just blow the dust out of that cartridge and enter here for a chance to win now!