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Name: Krista Foster

Age: 21

Year: Sophomore

School: Texas State University

Hometown: Orange/Baytown TX

Major: Early Childhood Education

Favorite Drink: Long Island Ice Teas BUT the Texas girl I am loves a good Shiner Bock

I’m trying to get with you, what should my approach be like? Good ole’ Southern Hospitality. Actually respecting and being nice to girls is the best way to get them. This might seem obvious but you would be surprised.

What’s something that wouldn’t work? I’m not a dog, please don’t whistle at me, and if you own more hair products than me- nooooooo thanks.Oh and the guy two rows back in class who wants a gold medal for drinking last night should realize that we are all on a college campus.

What’s your least favorite flavor of ice cream? Ice cream is my favorite food group!

Dogs or cats? Well considering I blow up like the elephant man when I come within two feet of a cat, I’m gonna say dogs. And my golden retriever Libby is the love of my life!

What’s your most embarrassing college moment? I have quite a few I’m not going to lie but a good one happened my first week of college as a freshman. I was invited by a fraternity to go on a party boat on Lake Travis. This party boat had a slide that had a pole above it that you could hold on to while you were sitting down. Everyone had gone down the slide but I never wanted to, so finally they convinced me to go down and everyone and their dates were watching. Somehow I used the pole to swing out over the lake and landed flat on my back about halfway down the slide and then just kind of fell in the water. Needless to say everyone was laughing at me and I would have rather drown than get back on the boat.

Would you rather make out with your dad or get to second base with your mom? I’d rather lick my sisters nipple… honestly what kind of question is that?

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