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The other day my girlfriend of one year had maintenance come to her apartment because her refrigerator smelled bad.

When I was twelve my friend convinced me that I should ask out a girl I liked. I called her and asked if she wanted to be my girlfriend. She said yes, I said cool, and just like that we were dating. The very next morning when I got to school someone pointed and laughed at me for having a girlfriend. I immediately went to her locker and broke up with her. We didn't talk until senior year when she was assigned as my lab partner.

I met a guy and we talked on the phone that night for 4 hours. The next day we went on our first date. Later that night, I logged onto Facebook to find a relationship request from him.
-Ashleigh, Maine

I tagged along with my older sister and her college boyfriend to a job interview at a local pub. She's filling out the application form bragging that the manager thinks she is hot and so she's sure she's going to get hired. I glance over at the application and in the section that says "In case of emergency please call" she'd written "911".  She didn't get the job.

I had dated this girl for about 9 months when she said something really sweet, "When I'm with you it always feels like home." I figured that I was a good boyfriend. About two weeks later she cheated on me, then dumped me. Devastated, I asked why and she claimed that she thought cheating on me would make the breakup easier…

My girlfriend of four-months broke up with me via text message because she had too much stuff going on at school. I'm a first year grad student with 3 research papers due in the next month. She's an exercise science major who's taking a cooking class this semester.
-Josh D.

One year for my birthday, my now ex-boyfriend gave me a Mario Party game for the Wii. This would have been fine except I don't own a Wii nor do I ever play video games. He then proceeded to tell me that he bought it so I could keep myself occupied while he worked on his papers for class because I was inconveniencing him when I was at his place.
-Mary, NY

My ex-girlfriend is now my sister-in-law…
-Brian, University of Kentucky

Several years ago I used to play DOD, a WWII first-person-shooter online. Being the nerd that I am, I frequented my clan's website. One day I skimmed the forums and found this heartfelt good-bye from a much larger nerd. It read exactly this, "Kimmy, I've decided to quit DOD… Sorry, my PC won't run it anymore. The graphics are messed up now and it lags. Kimmy. . . I'll miss you, and I know I sound like a freak, but you were a best friend of mine on DOD. I might come back to DOD if my game is fixed. I'll miss you Kimmy. . . I'll miss you a lot. :("

Kimmy only responded with, "lol."
-Will, NC State