1. Chicks will not be able to resist your new pet chicken, and by chicks I mean baby chickens, which are adorable. 

2. You can hypnotize it for fun; just put its head to the floor and draw a line in the ground outward from its beak.

3. Eggs.

4. You can chase it around for fun.


1. When you get drunk you'll probably start shooting it with your BB gun.

2. Chicks will think you are a cruel hearted weirdo; and by chicks I mean both kinds.

3. You'll wake up one morning to find it dead, because they're dumb and they drown themselves in the rain. Or you accidently forgot to feed it.

In Conclusion

If you have the option I'd go with a pet giraffe, that way you can pet it while sitting on your roof. Unless by habit when you get drunk you shoot things with your BB gun. In that case I'd say go with the chicken, because I'm sure you can take an angry chicken, but a giraffe would squash you like a goombah.