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Hey fat*ss roommate, remember when I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years and you guys hooked up a week later? Well since you wouldn't admit it I took a magnet and wiped down your laptop, TV, and your credit cards. It was so fun to see you panic when you couldn't pay your tab at the bars or watch you fail your online class because you're too lazy to wall to the library! Hah, don't ever lie again or screw me over. Next time I'll take a magnet to your GPS!
Anna P., University of Georgia

I love vampires. My roommate knows this. I put up a poster of a vampire on our door. It was like five feet tall. It cost me over twenty dollars. My roommate RIPPED IT DOWN. Literally ripped it in half. Needless to say I was pissed. So pissed I almost phased. Anyways. I went out and bought two new ones and put them above my bed. Then I printed out pictures of her head, life size, then drew blood on them and made her eyes red. I hung them all around the room kind of like birthday decorations, except of her bloody heads. Then I wrote her a note, in fake blood that said "touch my posters again and you'll be bitten in the night….you big b*tch." I guess it wasn't that sneaky but she definitely got the message that my vampires are serious business. It might have been a little bit psycho but I creeped the shit out of her. She didn't come back to our room for a week and switched her room assignment the next semester.
Anonymous, Wellesley College

You were a vegan. You decided to constantly tell us how disgusting we were for eating meat, dairy, and the multitude of other things that even partially contain animal products. So one day, when you weren't there, I microwaved some beef stew. Then I sprinkled the broth all over your bed. You slept in cow death for weeks before you washed those sheets. I still smile a little bit every time I think of it.
Danielle Pierce, Kent State University

Hey Kadie! Remember how you would always complain I made took much noise with my music, because you had "ADD"(bullsh*t) even though music wasn't even on! Or how you would post signs in the hallway telling people to close the doors quietly… because of your "ADD" and insomnia during the nights? Not to mention you totally had an eating disorder and whenever you saw me, gave me a bitchy look because I was average weight. Well, I was the one who slammed all the doors, I was the one who stole your toiletries you clumsily left in the shower, I was the one who left nasty threats under your door, I was the one who used your room number whenever I felt like calling up the locksmith at 2AM. And, I was the one who went through your fridge, replaced all of your "homemade-low-fat" creations, with heavy calorie mixtures that replicated your creations taste. Ya! Suck on that. Don't ever poke fun at my freshman 15, you anorexic drop out.
Ms Freshman 15, Queen, Canada

Hey best bud, remember when we went on that trip one summer and you brought up that issue about that girl you stole from me? And I went back to the hotel ahead of you, then you barge in while I was taking a bath totally throwing up all over the carpet, bathroom, and balcony? I had to stay up the whole night watching if all three of you were still breathing even if I had my trip back home at 3am the next day. Then when I was home you called me that the alcohol must have hit you bad because your face was all swollen and painful? Yeah, man, I punched your face in while you slept. Over, and over, and over.
Johnnie Iowa, School Not Given

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