I still watch The Simpsons…mainly due to muscle memory that forces me to change the channel to Fox every Sunday night at 8. It's arguably the most influential television show of all time and is still going (not so) strong. It's easy to see its influence on today's cartoons like South Park and Family Guy that have all had their "SIMPSONS DID IT!" moments. But even a show that's been on TV for 21 years can't be fresh all the time, can it? Of course not. Here's a list of 6 times The Simpsons has ripped itself off.

Note: I left out the episodes where the family gets a horse as it's referenced in the episodes themselves.

1.Homer Gets Fit

King of the Hill (Season 9) vs. Homer the Whopper (Season 21)

The Differences:

King of the Hill- After embarrassing Bart during a game of capture the flag, Homer decides to get in shape to regain his son's respect. After late night training sessions with movie star Rainier Wolfcastle and "Powersauce" energy bars, Homer attempts to climb the "Murderhorn" – Springfield's tallest mountain.

Homer the Whopper- Homer is asked to star as "Everyman," a superhero in an upcoming movie. The studio hires a personal trainer, and Homer is sculpted into appropriate superhero physique. The transition doesn't last long, though, and Homer immediately regains all of the weight after being left alone at the craft food table for a few moments. The movie is shut down shortly thereafter.

2. Lisa Becomes a Dancer

Last Tap Dance in Springfield(Season 11) vs. Smoke on the Daughter (Season 19)

The Differences:

Last Tap Dance in Springfield- After watching a dance movie, Lisa is inspired to take up the hobby. The "Simpson Gene" rears its ugly head, causing Lisa to discover she's terrible at dancing. Luckily, Professor Frink is available to make her a pair of automatic tap-dancing shoes.

Smoke on the Daughter: Lisa's perfect posture causes a ballet instructor to snub Marge in favor of her. Again, she finds herself less than adept and looks for a way to get ahead. Rather than some special shoes, it's plain ol' cigarette smoke that helps her this time.

3. Marge Befriends a Criminal

Pokey Mom (Season 12) vs. I Don't Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (Season 19)

The Differences:

Pokey Mom- The family takes a trip to Aprison Rodeo,where Marge meets inmate Jack (Michael Keaton). She discovers his talents as an artist and after he's released, gets him a job at Springfield elementary. However, once Skinner insults his new mural, Jack gets revenge by burning Skinner's car.

I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings- Marge meets a gentleman in a line at the bank, who is soon revealed to be a thief preparing for a stick-up. Marge promises to visit him in prison if he gives himself in, which he does. When Marge doesn't show, he takes her hostage, causing him to be captured again.

4. Bart Almost Gets Married

Little Big Girl (Season 18) vs.Apocalypse Cow (Season 19)

The Differences:

Little Big Girl- Bart steals the family car and meets Darcy. After they begin a relationship, Darcy tells Bart that she is pregnant and they drive to Utah to get married. After being pursued and found by their parents, the families agree for Bart and Darcy to separate, and Darcy's baby to be passed off as a twin with her mother's new baby.

Apocalypse Cow- Bart enlists the help of one of Cletus' daughters, Mary, to help him raise a cow. To save it from slaughter, he presents it to Mary as a gift, which Cletus mistakes for a proposal. Homer and Marge save the day, and the cow is shipped to India.

5. People Think the World is About to End

Lisa the Skeptic (Season 9) vs.Thank God It's Doomsday (Season 16)

The Differences:

Lisa the Skeptic- After Lisa finds the supposed skeleton of an angel on an archaeological dig, it becomes a town-wide sensation. It goes missing, and is found on the top of a hill bearing the message "The End Will Come At Sundown." Springfield prepares for the worst, and when the moment of truth arrives, it's revealed the whole thing was a twisted marketing ploy by a newly-opened mall.

Thank God it's Doomsday- Homer becomes obsessed with Armageddon after seeing a film based on it. He manages to predict the end of the world and when the day comes… nothing happens. When he realizes he miscalculated and the rapture is instead coming the next day, he attempts to warn everyone again, who are tired of his claims. The world does end, and when Homer realizes he's the only one in Heaven because he's the only one who believed, he begins to trash Heaven. God then subdues him by reversing the rapture.

6. Homer Smuggles Illegal Goods

Homer vs. the 18Amendment (Season 8) vs. Sweets and Sour Marge (Season 13)

The Differences:

Homer vs. The 18th Amendment- After a St. Patrick's Day debacle leaves Bart wasted, the town realizes that alcohol has been banned in Springfield for over 200 years. Homer goes against prohibition and begins to smuggle alcohol to keep his beloved Moe's afloat, adopting the guise of the "Beer Baron." He lets himself be caught, however, to help Chief Wiggum get his old job back.

Sweets and Sour Marge- Marge gets sugar banned in Springfield after it is named America's fattest town. An upset Homer gets involved in sugar smuggling, leading to a disastrous boat chase. The ban is soon after repealed.