Not available in parallel dimensions.

If you go to clown college, what do you call the funniest guy in class?
-Patrick Christopher N.
What They Should Say
If it ain't broke, then you need to fix your grammar.
-Phillip Leland
Buzz Lightyear doesn't understand the definition of infinity.
-Brock Jackson
If money can't buy happiness, shouldn't pizza, pot & sex be free?
-Michel Sanchez
Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize on the same day we bombed the moon.
They say flying a jet-fighter is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Does that mean flying a jet-fighter naked is most fun you can have with your clothes off?
-N B
Life must have been awesome
…Before we discovered gravity.
-Alex Roda
One Of Us
If God was just a stranger on a bus, what would happen to all the crazy people on it who always claim they can talk to Him?
-Patrick Cassels