Sometimes the best costumes are already…IN. YOUR. CLOSET.

Colonel Mustard BECOMES Van Pelt.
Last year you blew all your money on a realistic Colonel Mustard costume, and you just can't use that excuse two Christmases in a row. Instead, find an even more ridiculous mustache, add a pen-tip to your hat, and go as everyone's favorite Jumanji villian Van Pelt. An old-timey musket will complete the look, so put a call in to your grandpa ASAP.

Raymond Stantz BECOMES Roger Workman.
Everyone loved your Raymond Stantz costume last year, but this year you just don't have the time to make a Proton Pack from scratch. Instead, take the Ghostbusters patches off your khaki suit and replace them with Dharma Patches. Roger Work Man may be a more obscure character choice, but your homemade Ecto-Goggles lead us to believe you're a fan of Lost as well.

John Travolta BECOMES Tony Montana BECOMES Steve Martin.

A late-night decision to go as John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever last year led to the drunken purchase of an all-white suit from eBay. This year, swap out the 70s shirt for a sleek maroon number with matching pocket square and go as Tony Montana. Or if that's not your style, add a pair of bunny ears and go as Steve Martin. Just as long as you never wear the suit for real.

Chewbacca BECOMES Robin Williams.

You spent a fortune last year on an anatomically-correct Chewbacca outfit and are still paying off your credit-card bills. Instead of racking up more (what should be) embarrassing purchases, simply don a wacky shirt, leave the mask at home and go as notoriously hairy comedian Robin Williams. Or leave the mask on and go as Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting, either way.


If dressing as sword-fighting movie heros is your thing, then chances are in 2005 you got your hands on a V for Vendetta costume. Well this is the easiest repurposing of all. Simply switch the mask and you're Antonio Banderas' greatest contribution to mankind: Zorro. Whether this is a testament to your resourcefulness or David Lloyd's lack of creativity, we may never know.

Wednesday Addams BECOMES A Pilgrim.

Last year you channeled your long-repressed teen angst and went as Wednesday Addams, but so many people asked if you were depressed that you can't bear to wear it again. Instead, throw those braids up in a belted hat, swap out that skull for a cornucopia, and go as a Pilgrim. As for your boyfriend who went as Cousin It, please refer to the Chewbacca/Robin Williams suggestion.

Greek God BECOMES Half-Assed Ghost.

Last year you barely even had the energy to wrap your own bedsheet around you like a toga, so chances are you'll be even lazier this year. Take the aforementioned bedsheet and cut out two eye holes. Congratulations, you're a ghost. Next year you can stop beating around the bush and just go as a sheet.