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One time the girlfriend and I were outside in my backyard when she happened to find a bar of soap. So she picks it up tosses in her hands, pretending to take a shower and having a good laugh. So the next day, I'm studying for a midterm and mom comes up to me and tells me not leave my bar of soap on the bottom of the shower because the dog eats and poops it out. I never did explain to my girlfriend how the bar of soap got out there.
-James B, Ontario

My girlfriend hated Transformers 2 because there was "too much" robot fighting.

My GF of six years dumped me the week of finals, seven days before I graduated college. She said she, "wanted time to be single and trust her own decision making." Six months later, she was engaged, pregnant and enlisted in the army.

This August while sleeping on an air mattress on vacation, my girlfriend pissed herself, and because I'm heavier than her, it all came down and pooled around me. I woke up shivering, soaked in my girlfriend's piss.
-Drew, Wayne State

My friend who was in the national guard had been dating this girl for a while. After he learned he was getting deployed overseas he decided he wanted to propose to her at his going away party. Before she got there, he showed us and his older brother the ring he got her. His brother tried to talk him out of "ruining his life" and made him agree that if he beat him on Madden '08, he wouldn't propose. He got beat, bad. He still proposed. She cheated on him while he was gone.
-John K.

Last night i brought this girl i had been seeing for a while back to mine. As things were getting heated, my iTunes started playing music from a Final Fantasy Soundtrack. I don't know what was worse, the fact that I have that music, or the fact it made things better?
-Rory Kennard, England UK

While playing a game of never have I ever someone said, "never have I ever cheated." My girlfriend put her finger down. I was her first boyfriend.
-Charles, Maine

So my girlfriend and I move cross country together and are staying with my parents until we get our place set up. We worry that one of my parents might find our bottle of lube, so we disguise it by emptying out a small bottle of dish detergent, washing it, and filling it with lube. Perfect disguise right? Well mom found the detergent bottle and we found her washing dishes with the lube.

After my boyfriend broke up with me, he said "Let's have sex one last time. You know, like a goodbye fuck!" I told him I had too much respect for myself to do something sleazy like that, to which he replied "A handjob, then?"

My new girlfriend says that she likes having sex with me more than her old boyfriend because it doesn't go as deep…great…