5. That Person Who Lives On Your Floor Freshman Year
You don't know them now, and you won't know them later. Friending them 2 weeks into college just assures you'll be consistently invited to events from whatever obscure club they joined to actually make friends until you finally de-friend them senior year. And you'll still feel bad doing it.

4. Your Boss
Just because you sling espresso drinks together at Starbucks on the weekends does NOT mean you'll want to see his family pictures. Kiss any work-related FML's goodbye or expect an awkward comment both on Facebook and when you don the green apron.

3. High School Teacher
If you're fresh out of high school, this one might seem extremely obvious. Let me warn you, though. Later on, you'll start incorrectly assuming you're an adult and think you're ready to accept your teachers as people. People you'd be okay with seeing your status updates and good-times pictures from college. They may slip under the radar, mostly unnoticed, until you see them listed on your chat and realize they could've browsed your *SpRiNg BrEaK CaNcUn* album. Something tells me you're not using that math they taught you…

2. Anyone From High School Who Friends You Out of the Blue
They've been caught Facebook-stalking, and while we all do it, it does not mean it should be openly condoned. Perhaps alone, potentially with friends, they were creeping on old acquaintances' pages just to "see what people are up to" (judge). They then discovered yours was unfortunately uncreepable because you're in another network! Quelle horreur! And "add as a friend" was clicked without hesitation. Remember: your drunk pics are for your friends and those who work hard enough to see them in other ways. This is too easy.

1. Mom
This is a tricky one – I have to be careful – because my mom is most likely reading this. Probably because I posted a link to it on my Facebook. Because we're friends. It's not all bad…but having a Facebook relationship with your mom is kind of like having a sleepover she'll never leave. You'll get daily pokes and invites to Farmville, along with so many status "likes," you'll want to assume she doesn't know what the button means. But she does. And she "likes" it.