(Ken and Ryu are fighting near a harbor in the U.S.A. in front of a crowd of cheering on-lookers. Ken has Ryu almost defeated.)

Ken: You are going down, Ryu! I will be the ultimate Street…

Ryu: Hadouken!

(Ryu entends his arms and a blue energy ball shoots from Ryu's hands and knocks Ken down.)

Ken: What the hell was that?

Ryu: Whay was that?

Ken: You yelled something wierd and some blue thing shot out at me!

Ryu: Yes, it is the secret of the hadouken. It is an ancient Japanese fighting technique that has been passed down to only the most worthy of my country's fighters.

Ken: So you just yell "Hadouken" and push your arms out and that blue thing comes out?

Ryu: Hahaha…not quite, Ken. You see, it takes years of training and intense study of the mystic arts to be able to master the Hadouken. Even with the proper training there is no guarantee that one will ever gain such mastery.  I myself spent 12 years studying under my father, a great mystic martial arts sensei before I was able to achieve…

Ken: Hadouken!

(Ken extends his arms and a blue energy ball shoots out of his hands and hits Ryu, knocking him down and out of the fight.)

Ryu: Goddamn it!